Date 15.08.2016 This is an article exploring the Australian culture; it’s vibrant mix, innovative ideas and aboriginal heritage.


Australians often abbrievate their words and then add an “o” or “ie”. This video explains it all.

Outdoor lifestyle:

Beaches are a big part Australians lifestyle, especially with 80% of the population living within 50km off the coast! The most famous beaches are Bondi, Manly (Sydney), St Kilds (Melbourne), surfers Paradise (Queensland gold Coast), Cottesloe (Perth) and Glenelg (Adelaide). Australians will go to the beach to enjoy the sun, surf a little, maybe go fishing of sailing and have a barbie (barbeque!).


Over the years, millions of people have moved to Australia to stay permanently. 20% of the population were born overseas and more than 40% have a mixed origin. Australia’s diversity is reflected in their food, which you’ll find most of the world’s cuisines and artfully fuses quite a few of them. You’ll be able to find all kinds of European flavouring, foods from Africa and the top spices in Asia. As a nation, Australia embraces all religions – you can find Catholic and Anglican churches, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist temples, mosques and synagogues.