Date 21.08.2017

Tips on flying with your baby

Taking your baby on holiday for the first time might be a scary experience you’d want to avoid but why should it be? Don’t let what you’ve heard affect your opportunity to sit down on the beach and relax, be smart!

These tips will give you the self-assurance to make the booking and prepare for your first (peaceful) flight with your baby:

What seat?

It’s always good to get access to the exit row for lengthier flights to make the most of the on-board bassinets, but if this option isn’t available, be sure to book a window seat. Looking at what’s happening outside of the plane is a good distraction and it’s a lot easier to feed your baby with less disturbances from other passengers.

Airport Advice

It’s wise to arrive earlier than you usually would as the whole thing takes longer with a little person.

You should bring a travel bag for your pram as it makes wheeling around airports much easier. If you don’t want to drag around a pram for the entire holiday, go for a baby carrier instead as the lighter option. Carriers are a lot easier to get yourself around the airport and you will have two hands free.

Check with the airport and airline around precise presences for your destination and flight. Your little one will be in wonder of the busy-ness of the airport, which always helps exhaust them out before the flight.

Packing for the flight

Extra dummies, and spare clothes for mum and baby are essential! Muslin wraps are great for feeding or reducing the light so that your baby can sleep, and blankets to keep them warm. Don’t overlook a few small books and soft toys to keep them amused.

Pack additional nappies than you’d typically use in the flight time. It might help to pack a small bag inside of your big nappy bag so when you change a nappy you only need to take a small grasp or bag to the small airplane toilets.

Don’t forget your baby’s passport for international flights.

Dependent on where your child is at in terms of feeding, consider packing lots of their favourite snacks and extra bottles of milk and water. It’s a good idea to guarantee your little person is sucking on something during take-off and landing to help with potential ear pain.

Actual flight

The moment has arrived! It’s all about distracting your baby! New books and toys work a treat. But don’t forget their one favourite toy or book too! Meeting new people (flight attendants and people seated nearby) is always thrilling for babies.

If your baby is up to it, point out interesting things outside or inside the plane as well. Explaining the journey will help them understand and not be so dazed with the noise and speed of the experience.

Get sociable with the flight attendants as you board the plane. If there are any extra rows or seats they will hopefully offer them to you first.

Source: Queensland Blog