Date 02.03.2017

If you’re thinking of moving to Australia but need some help regarding the banking department then you might just benefit from using one of our expert partners, Moneycorp, who are currency specialists.

We all know that many banks can be expensive as they don’t naturally offer the most inexpensive exchange rates or a private service. However, through Moneycorp you may be able to benefit from:

Low transfer fees

By using a professional, instead of your bank, you could save money on the transfer fees. Banks can charge up to £40 for each time that you move money overseas. With Moneycorp, the transfer fees start as low as £5.

Personal service

When you join with Moneycorp you get your own personal account manager, who is based at Moneycorp’s London office. They will be able to guide you through the transfer procedure and help to protect your transfer from negative exchange rate variations.


Moneycorp has an online service which allows you to make your transfers at any time of the day or night therefore you’re not limited to making payments within office hours only. With Moneycorp you can buy or sell currency and make transfers 24/7.

To find out more about Moneycorp and how they may be able to help you further, look on our website:

Contact Moneycorp:

Tel: 0808 274 1998