Date 23.01.2018

10 Top Tips for Solo Travellers!

Travelling is such a great thing especially when the country you’re visiting is Australia! But has anybody given you any tips to enhance your experience?

Make sure you book in advance:

The cheapest way of travelling around Australian cities is public transport but you need to remember, each city will have a slightly different system in comparison to their neighbouring cities. Pre-paid transport cards are mainly used in Sydney and Melbourne, ‘Myki’ and ‘Opal’. You have the choice between buying a transport card or a single ticket in Adelaide and Brisbane. It’s also good to note that Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne all have free shuttle services and the buses in Perth’s city centre are free!

Apps are the way forward:

It can be hard trying to keep track of every detail so why not let technology do the work for you? Useful apps like ‘TripIt’ can save all of your previously made bookings so you are hassle free! If you need to download maps for the different cities you plan to visit, try CityMaps2Go!

Planning is Essential:

In a big place like Australia, you need to plan your trip carefully. Each peak season in different parts of the continent vary from place to place therefore they have different climates. You would be best visiting the Northen Territory from the months of May to October and you’ll find that Sydney and Melbourne have the best weather between October and March. Prioritise and plan!

Why not take a class?

When you’re travelling around a different place you’re bound to meet new people, especially whilst trying out a new activity! Whether it is a surfing lesson at Bondi Beach or an outdoor yoga class in Melbourne, it will be worth your time to sign up for a different activities class!

Take a walking tour:

As well as being a great way to meet new people, a walking tour could help you gain an insight into a citie’s culture and heritage. Why not take a specialist tour to gain another perspective of your destination?


You’ll be glad to find out that there are a number of things you can do for free in Australia! For example, you won’t need to pay an admission fee for many of the country’s best musuems; this includes the National Gallery of Victoria, the White Rabbit Gallery and the Art Gallery.

Get in a group!

Travelling as a solo traveller to explore new regions can be a challenge. If you sign up with a tour, you can leave the hard bits like logistics to the others and you’ll also meet some great people along the way! Why not try the Kakadu Walking Adventure or Intrepid Travel’s Uluru Adventure?

Think cheap:

Good food in Australia doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Plenty of stalls offer reasonably priced and freshly prepared food. In every Australian city, you’ll find a selection of Asian restaurants so whether you’re after some Thai or Korean cuisine, they can provide you with cheap and flavoursome meals!

Discover the beginning:

To encounter Australia’s Aboriginal cultures you wont necessarily have to head to the Outback. You can take an indigenous walking tour in Sydney or go on a bush tucker tour in King’s Park in Perth.

Well, with all these great tips, you should be on your way! If you’re looking for a job in Australia, we can definitely help! Check out our latest jobs on our jobs page here.