Date 24.06.2016 As you may have heard…The UK has left the European Union (EU).The UK has voted to leave the EU with the votes of 52 percent to 48 percent remaining. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Cameron said there will be a new British PM will be in place by October.“I love this country and I feel honoured to have served it. I will do everything I can in the future to help it succeed,” he said, as his wife Samantha looked on. During his speech outside Downing Street, David Cameron said he is not the “captain” that will steer the country through negotiations after the EU referendum result. “The British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path, and as a result they need new leadership,” he said.“I don’t feel I should try to be the captain that steers the country to its next destination.” What could happen if the UK leaves the EU: In the short run, uncertainty about Britain’s future relationship with the EU, its largest trading partner, could push the UK into a recession Britain’s prospects of negotiating a favorable deal with the EU could be weakened. The value of the pound (£) after the announcement of the first results in the referendum – falling to its lowest levels against the dollar since 1985. The change in circumstance has unsettled the markets which, if unchecked, may discourage long term investment in UK infrastructure.