Date 11.12.2017

Want to move to Australia for a better lifestyle? Here are some things you should consider when you are a middle-aged adult intending to make a big move!


Visas are one of the most important parts of moving overseas – obtaining one can be tough and possibly expensive. If you’re fantasising of meeting wild and unique creatures on your way to work and still want some light after office hours to get out the barbie on the beach, you may be interested to move Down Under. Both Australia and New Zealand are infamous for their strict emigration policies, and if you don’t have family that can sponsor your move, you may end up applying for a skilled work visa. Why not get in touch with a MARA approved Migration Agent and discuss your options today? You can get in contact with any of the Migration Agents we work with here.

Buying property abroad

Maybe you’re looking to buy an additional home overseas, or you’re selling up in the UK and want to invest all your assets in an out-of-town villa, a city apartment, or a townhouse. You’ll need to do your research like you would when you’re deciding about any move and purchases, but it’s worth checking who the greatest kinds of real estate agents are and what credentials they should have, as well as considering hiring a separate legal advisor who can guarantee you’re covering yourself correctly, and aren’t taking on any needless debt with a property.

If you’re purchasing a property, you’ll also need to reflect how you’ll transfer your money overseas to pay for it. Get in touch with FC Exchange today and find out how they can assist you with money transfers.

Working overseas

It may seem complicated getting a job abroad, but many countries need you to have a job in place before you can get a visa. You can look for businesses in the UK who work hiring people in overseas positions, view online job sites, or travel to your new destination and start networking with local companies to attend a few interviews.


Although you might contemplate a place in the sun might have a good impact on your health, it’s worth enquiring about what it may cost. If you’re going to move abroad where there’s a different healthcare system in place, researching into what payments you could be liable for, as well as getting private medical insurance quotes, can help you to be prepared. We work with Bupa, who provide a number of private healthcare options in Australia. Find out what Healthcare packages they offer and contact them today!

Cost of living

It’s constantly a good idea to check a country’s exchange rate and figure out the cost of living in a new place to relate it to how you currently live. You may find you’ll be more relaxed overseas, or be surprised at how much some countries are going to cost you. Either way, it’s best to be prepared.

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The Down Under Centre specialises in delivering the Trades Skills Assessment for trades people who want to live and work in Australia. We assist with the transfer of your UK Trade qualifications to meet the knowledge and skills of the Australian standards. See what Trades Skills Assessments we offer on our website and give us a call on 0203 376 1555 to find out more.

Source: FC Exchange