Date 14.09.2016 Skilled Migration for Tradespeople Who Do Not Possess Formal Qualifications

If you are a skilled tradesperson with over five years of experience in your trade, it may interest you to learn that you do not necessarily need a formal qualification in order to qualify as being considered eligible to apply for skilled migration to Australia.

Skilled Migration To Australia

This five year employment stint can also include periods of training. For those who are self-employed, eligibility is still a possibility provided sufficient documentation is available to support your claim of five years of experience.

It should be noted that only certain occupations are taken into consideration here, these are: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, motor mechanics, metal fabricators, welders and bricklayers.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you are ready to undergo the four main stages of the application process which are as follows: Skills Assessment, Lodge Expression of Interest, State Nomination and then finally Visa Application.

Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment process involves a paper application followed up by a technical or practical test which can be taken in your home country or Australia. To be considered for General Skilled Migration, it is necessary that you pass a points test with points awarded for various factors ranging from age, English language fluency and the skill level of your spouse. You must then be invited to apply for General Skilled Migration via the Expression of Interest system.

Usually eligible applicants will get an invitation within three weeks of the skills assessment stage. After receiving your invitation you’ll get 60 days within which to submit your visa application. Pending health and police clearances, Immigration will evaluate your eligibility in greater depth before deciding on whether or not to grant a visa.