Date 13.01.2016 Ever thought about migrating to Australia? The thought of migrating and starting a new life in Australia may be scary…but a life in Australia does have its advantages. The Moving Down Under Event will ease your migration journey and let you know what you may need to set up and consider when making the move.

One thing Australian’s love most is their lifestyle and personal time. As well as working hard, they take their personal time seriously. In the Australian culture, family and personal life is highly important. Employees are also encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle, with many links to gyms and other healthy activities. Choosing which state and town to live in is down to your lifestyle, personal interests and hobbies, and of course whether you want to live in the city or by the beach, so it is important to consider those things.

Australia’s economy is growing and growing. Jobs are very high in demand, giving the opportunity for many professionals to start their own businesses. There is a high demand of jobs in sectors such as health care and medical, trade workers and skilled HR Managers. The best way to start would be to speak with a registered Australia Migration Agent, because they will be able to assess what visa pathway would be best for you personally, based on your experience and personal skills.

One thing many people consider when migrating is the cost of everything. Many people do think Australia is expensive, however that is not true in some cases. House prices are competitive in Australia, but if you’re someone who wants to live outside the city then you could get good property for a lot less than you would in the city of London.

If you are someone considering on making the move to Australia then join us all at the Moving Down Under Event!

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