Australian skill assessments for the purpose of migration to Australia

The Down Under Centre assists with Skill Assessments for nearly all occupations on the Skilled Occupation List. We specialise in the Trades Skills Assessments, as we work directly with TRA Approved RTOs for UK, Irish and European passport holders. Call us on 0203 376 1555 to confirm if we can assist you with getting a Skills Assessment in your occupation and how.

The Down Under Centre is proud to work with Future Skills International (FSI) and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver your Skills Assessments to emigrate to Australia.

Visit our Down Under Centre YouTube channel and hear from Wes Zandt and our clients as they discuss the Skills Assessments!

How do I get my Australian Skill Assessment?

The Down Under Centre is located in Ealing Broadway London and we are a walk-in centre, so if you need the Australian skills assessment for migration purposes and want drop by to pick up some information, please feel free to drop in and one of our trained staff can sit with you. We also offer an Agency Service to assist with your skills assessment application.

Here are some of the occupations we deliver and assist Skills Assessments for:

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanics (342111)
Automotive Electricians (321111)
Bricklayers (331111)
Cabinet Makers (394111)
Carpenters (331212)
Carpenter & Joiners (331211)
Cooks (351411)
Chefs (351311)
Diesel Motor Mechanics (321212)
Drainers (334113)
Fitters (General) (323211)
Fitter-Welders (323213)
Fitter and Turners (323212)
Hairdressers (391111)
Joiners (331213)
Metal Fabricators (322311)
Metal Machinists (First Class) (323214)
Motor Mechanics (321211)
Plumbers (334111)
Pressure Welders (322312)
Roof Plumbers (334115)
Sheetmetal Trades Workers (322211)
Telecommunications Technology (342411/342414)
Toolmakers (323412)
Welders (First Class) (322313)

Future Skills International (FSI) – Licensed Trades

Electrician (General) (341111)
Electrician (Special Class) (341112)

AQF III Qualification

An AQF III Qualification is required for specific occupations, so that once you have your Certificate III you can go on further to gain your Trades Skills Assessment from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) for the purpose of migration. If you need your AQF or Diploma for Australia, please contact us to confirm we can assist you on 0203 376 1555 or email

We work closely with Registered Training Organisations to facilitate their Technical interviews and work with clients to ensure that they are ready for their AQF III Qualification.

• Certificate III Glass & Glazing
• Certificate III in Meat Processing
• Certificate III in Painting & Decorating
• Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
• Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
• Certificate III in Solid Plastering
• Certificate III in Wall & Ceiling Lining
• Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling

Down Under Centre Agency Service

The skills assessment process can be quite daunting, so for a fee of £550 +VAT, the Down Under Centre offer an Agency Service which will help you through this process which is important for the Visa to Australia.

As your Co-ordinator, an expert member of our team will manage your case directly and assist you throughout the application process. This includes assistance in gathering the evidence needed for your Australian skills assessment application. Evidence is proving you have industry currency, correct wording of references, the correct forms of proof of employment, either self-employed or working for a business and much more. Call us for more at 0203 376 1555

The Down Under Centre will review your application and submit on your behalf to the TRA approved skills assessment body. As the Down Under Centre is the UK home for TRA Approved Registered Training Organisations, our team are very aware of the requirements for a successful application. You will be offered ongoing support and assistance from your agent for the duration of your journey, from the compiling of your documentation through to the completion of your practical skills assessment or technical interview.

Future Skills International (FSI)

Future Skills International is an Australian Government approved training organisation that helps electricians get licensed to work in Australia. Our primary purpose is to offer electrical skills assessments for overseas trained electrical tradespeople where applicants are seeking to migrate to Australia or wanting to work in Australia as an electrician. We do this through recognising their formal qualifications from their host country. If the electrician hasn’t got qualifications we would ask to see a minimum of 6 years’ work experience in the electrical field.

Once Future Skills International is satisfied with the applicant’s evidence they will be invited to sit a one day practical assessment delivered from the Down Under Centre in London. We deliver the practical assessments monthly and make times to suit the client or migration agent if required. We assess 4 electricians a day and assess three days a month. Please see our testimonial page from previous electricians that have used the services of the Down Under Centre and Future Skills International for the electrical skills assessment, mandatory for the purpose of working in Australia as an electrician and migration.

Diploma’s for Australia

A Diploma in Australia is a Level 5 AQF and is required for specific occupations for the purpose of migrating to Australia. Contact us to find out if we can help you get the Diploma you need for migrating purposes. Contact us on 0203 376 1555 or email

Diploma of Information Technology (IT)