Fitter (General) skills assessment Australia

The Down Under Centre works with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Approved Registered Training Organisations(RTOs) to deliver the Fitter (General) skills assessment for Fitters migrating to Australia. The Down Under Centre assist UK and Irish Fitters to ensure that they are ready to complete their Fitter skills assessment. Fitter (General) ANZSCO Code is 323211.

If you are a Fitter migrating to Australia, you will be required to complete the mandatory Fitter (General) skills assessment. On completion of the Australian skills assessment as a Fitter (General) you will be granted your Australian Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trades.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for Fitters emigrating to Australia.

If you would like to see if you are eligible for a Skilled Visa to migrate to Australia, use our free visa points calculator or call us on 0203 376 1555 to speak to Wes Zandt who can discuss the Fitter skills assessment with you.

• Diesel Fitter-Mechanic
• Fitter-Machinist
• Fitter-Mechanic
• Maintenance Fitter
• Mechanic
• Plant Mechanic

Process for Fitter (General) skills assessment for Australia

By completing the Fitter (General) skills assessment you obtain your mandatory document for migration and your Australian Certificate III in Engineering which many Australian employers will ask for prior to you commencing employment.

 ​1. Documentary Assessment for Fitter (General) skills assessment Australia $1,120

This part of the Fitter skills assessment is considered the most difficult part by most Fitters migrating to Australia.

  • If you hold trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 3 years’ work experience as a Fitter.
  • If you don’t have trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 5 years’ work experience as a Fitter.

You will also need to prove that you have been working as a Fitter for a minimum of 12 months out of the last 36 months. You will be asked to evidence such as pay slips, invoices, bank statements, employer statements and more.

Down Under Centre Agency Service £600 + VAT

Evidence that you gather for your skills assessment is also required for your Australian visa application. The Down Under Centre can provide you with an agency service to assist you with the gathering of your documentation for your Australian qualification. The Down Under Centre will also be able to advise how many years of work experience will be required to give you maximum points for your visa. Please call us on 0203 376 1555 to enquire about our agency service and how it can specifically help you.

2. Technical Interview for Fitter (General) skills assessment Australia $2,000

The final part of your skills assessment as a Fitter (General) is an online technical interview.

This will be with an Australian Qualified Fitter who will discuss your Fitter skills assessment application. Please note that if the assessor feels that you do not have the necessary skills to obtain your Australian Engineering Certificate III as a Fitter they will ask you to provide further information or complete a practical assessment/site visit which will be at your cost. The Down Under Centre have never had a client that has required a site visit, as we work closely with our agency clients to ensure that this does not happen. The assessors understand that you may be nervous or anxious, they will discuss your application with you in a relaxed manner and put you at ease.

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Fitter (General) duties in Australia

There is a demand for Fitters in Australia. Many Fitters find themselves working in the mines or filling the holes in cities where mechanical engineers have left to work on mine sites across Australia. Fitters and other engineers in Australia need to complete a four year apprenticeship to obtain their certificate III in Engineering (Fitter General 323211).

Fitters in Australia complete tasks in a commercial or industrial work place. Fitters may be referred to as Mechanical Engineers and work on machinery and manufacture parts using a large range of machines and tools. An Australian Fitter would carry out maintenance and repairs on production machinery and equipment and manufacture and fit or replace heavy components. Fitters may be employed to work on the production of line equipment, pumps, hydraulic equipment, generators and engines, earthmoving equipment and more.

Fitters looking to migrate to Australia would need to be able to complete the following tasks:

Examine detailed drawings or specifications to find out job, material and equipment requirements. Operate CNC machines. Drilling. Milling. Machining. Set up and adjust metalworking machines and equipment. Hand make fitting components. Operate machines to produce parts or tools by turning, boring, milling, planning, shaping, slotting, grinding or drilling metal stock or components. Fit and assemble metal parts, tools or sub-assemblies. Cut, thread, bend and install hydraulic and pneumatic pipes and lines. Weld. Dismantle, assemble and repair or replace defective parts. Set up and/or operate hand and machine tools, welding equipment or Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. Check quality and accuracy of finished parts, tools or sub-assemblies. Form metal stock and castings to fine tolerances using machining tools to press, cut, grind, plane, bore and drill metal.

During your Fitter skills assessment for Australia you will be required to prove that you can carry out many of the above tasks through your Documentary Assessment and your Technical interview.

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Fitter jobs in Australia

Engineers in Australia get paid well. The demand for Fitters to work in Australia has risen over the years. The Down Under Centre works with many recruitment companies and employers all over Australia who hire Fitters via our DUC Employment Hub. It is a tool that connects migrants to employers in Australia as well as providing you with a relocation hub to make your journey to Australia smoother.

Posted jobs for Fitters in Australia via DUC Employment Hub:

Location: WA
$60,000 -$70,000 per annum + super
Duties will consist of installation, maintenance, and repairs on a range of products such as:
• Roller doors
• sectional doors
• bi-fold doors
• gates
• boom gates
• auto doors
• revolving doors
• roller shutters (commercial and residential)
• Monday -Friday, 8 -4.30 with the rotation of an ‘on-call’ roster.
• All work schedules are from job software

Location: Queensland
$35 per hour. Sponsorship available for the right candidate.
This role will support market-leading production by responding to breakdowns as well as a preventative maintenance program. Work with unique and innovative equipment and technology for a company that has a long and proud manufacturing tradition.
Experience in general Mechanical Repairs to a wide range of machinery including:
•Trade-Qualified Mechanical Fitter
•General fitting and machining
•Ability to work well in a team environment and autonomously.
•Flexibility to meet production demands
•Good problem solving / Diagnostic ability
•Good communication skills
•Possess Good housekeeping and 5S understanding
•Must have high standards and attitude towards EH&S in the Workplace.
Welding TIG & MIG will be highly regarded, as the majority of the project work will be working with Stainless Steel. Experience with Pneumatics is also advantageous.

Location: Victoria
Sponsorship available for the right candidate.
Hydraulic technician / fitter with extensive experience hydraulics preferably agricultural machinery or similar. This employer is a fast pace general engineering shop that works predominantly in the agricultural industry. The applicant must have a very good understanding of hydraulic fittings, systems and components. Have the ability to set and work at a high level of efficacy. Work efficiently and professionally predominantly in hydraulics but will also be required do work in fabrication or mechanical repair when needed. Understand, follow and analyse CAD drawings asses and discuss any need for changes prior to having the problem. Be able to design hydraulic systems that meet the needs of the projects given.

Location: Sydney, NSW
$56,000 to $70,000 full-time
Work in one of Australia’s leading CNC machine manufacturing company.
Join with expert teams with the latest in technology to design an innovative solution. The company is family owned and operated manufacturing company that caters to all large and small projects across a variety of industries.

Location: Sydney, NSW
$55-$65 per hour
Our client is currently seeking suitably experienced HD Fitters to complete all aspects of mobile plant mechanical maintenance on a range of fleet of heavy earthmoving machinery. These roles are based on a variety of rosters and are all FIFO.
• Ongoing maintenance and service of client’s fleet of machines.
• Ensuring all maintenance repairs are performed in accordance with company guidelines.
• Providing support to the mine sites rental fleet as required. Experience:
• Trade qualified HD Mechanic / Fitter;
• Significant post-trade experience with Caterpillar, Komatso & Hitachi heavy earth moving equipment;
• A strong commitment to safety;
• Strong analytical skills with a solutions focus;
• Strong ability to influence and manage expectations

Fitters emigrating to Australia FAQs

The Australian Fitter skills assessment has 2 mandatory stages that need to be complete. You need to prove to the assessor you have the necessary skills as a Fitter.

The first stage is paper based, proving you are a Fitter through payslips, detailed CV, references, videos, photos, qualifications.  

The second stage is a technical interview with an Australian qualified Fitter who is also a qualified trainer and assessor. This is a relaxed chat over Skype or Zoom where you have a one to one with our Australian Fitter (General) Assessor.  

It is not mandatory to have a qualification for the Fitter skills assessment for Australian migration. You are required to either hold your completed apprenticeship papers as a Fitter. Please note these qualifications could fall under many engineering qualifications (mechanical engineering for example) and 3 years of paid work experience pre or post qualification.

So, if you are from the UK and hold an NVQ3 as a Fitter, you would only require the 3 years.

If you have NO NVQ3 for example you are required to have a minimum of 5 years paid work experience as a Fitter. It is common for clients to be assessed without holding any formal training or qualification so we use your 5 years of paid work experience as proof.

A skills assessment is required so you, the migrant, can apply for a visa to Australia. This is the way Australian Immigration can gauge if you are in fact a Fitter under the Australian guidelines.

Many people want to move to Australia as a Fitter and without a skills assessment delivered by an approved assessing body, Australian immigration have no way in checking a migrant has the necessary skills. To emigrate to Australia as a mechanical Fitter you will need to complete the Fitter (General) skills assessment for a skilled visa.

Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) is an approved TRA assessing body. They deliver the Fitter skills assessment for Fitters migrating to Australia.

They have an office in the Down Under Centre and can be contacted on +44 (0)203 780 2437.

The DUC collaborates with Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) to deliver the Fitter skills assessment for migration to Australia. We know exactly what is required and offer an Agency service to assist with that skills assessment. The DUC Agency Fee is £550 + VAT.

What’s included in that Agency Fee?

You will receive a unique login to the DUC Client Portal which explains everything you need to provide, giving templates and precise details on what to gather and how to gather it. For many this is the hardest part of the process but is key to a successful application; we know what is required because the DUC Skills Team work closely with the assessing body. We have been part of the Fitter (General) skills assessment process for 8+ years. The DUC Skills Team will lodge your application and liaise with the assessing body.

Telephone assistance Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm – and even out-of-hours by arrangement. We have staff specifically dedicated to working with Fitters, so you’ll always be working with the same person. 

As a DUC client you also have access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can get expert help from other DUC Fitters who can give you an insight into the content of the technical interview.  You can chat with other DUC clients, who may be at different stages of the process, for their guidance on the English test, skills process and the practicalities of moving to Australia.  The DUC Visa Team post relevant updates as they happen.

We will also provide information on the various English tests available, the various scoring systems and even provide a 10% discount code for the PTE Pearson Academic test.

You, will receive FREE access to the DUC Employment Hub (and your partner, if applicable) – a tool that connects migrants to employers and provides invaluable assistance with your relocation. You will receive a 1-hour consultation with a relocation expert who has migrated themselves. This consultation will introduce you to our service provider partners who can save you money on your move. See how the DUC EH works.

The Down Under Centre work very close with the assessing body for Fitters looking to migrate to Australia. We are very proud to be working with a TRA skills assessment provider. We have many years’ experience with clients and have the correct software and plenty of staff to hold your hand through the Fitter (General) skills assessment.

Migrating to Australia as a Fitter has its challenges and you, the migrant, will have plenty of questions. We will know the answers and be available through working hours to answer any of your questions. As the occupation is classed as Fitter (General) we can work you through what skill set is required for a successful skills assessment as a Fitter.

Your TRA Fitter skills assessment is valid for 3 years from the date the skill assessment was issued.

This means you need to have your invitation to apply before the 3 years is up. Your Australian Certificate III in Engineering (Fitter General) has no expiry date.

Getting a job as a Fitter in Australia can be done from your country of origin. There is a lot of work in Australia for mechanical Fitters. Fitters can work doing repair and maintenance of production machinery.

Australia is huge in the mining areas. We have a need for Fitters who have skills working on large mining machinery. Lots of employers are on the lookout for Fitters with manufacture and fit and replacement skills, maintaining production line equipment, hydraulics, pumps, valves, engines, earthmoving equipment. There are jobs for Fitters in Australia to operate CNC machines, jobs in machining, drilling, milling and hand making fitting components.

The Down Under centre works with many Australian Fitter employers who take on our English speaking skilled migrants. The employers have no hesitation taking on our Australian qualified Fitters moving to Australia by using our DUC Employment Hub. Our Employment Hub will also teach you how to prepare for your move to Australia as a Fitter. You will also receive a skype chat with one of our relocation team.

At successful completion of your Australian Fitter skills assessment you will receive your TRA skills assessment required for a skilled visa to Australia and you will also receive your Australian Certificate III in Engineering.

If you are a Fitter looking to migrate to Australia, you need to be between 18 and 45 years old. However at age 18, Fitters will not have yet achieved the necessary qualifications and experience to prove their competence. Fitters emigrating to Australia between the ages of 25-32 years old generate the maximum points for age towards their visa application.

Complete our free visa points calculator to confirm your points. Also if you are under 31 years old you can look into the Working Holiday Visa.

Yes, we can assist Fitters outside of the UK, migrating to Australia. First, complete our free visa points calculator. We’ll contact you to determine your eligibility for migrating to Australia as a Fitter and explain the Australian visa process.

We have clients all over the world and the tools to get you to Australia as a Fitter.

With a passport from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand, you automatically add 5 points to your partner’s visa application for Australia.

If you completed the Fitter skills assessment for Australia (and are under 45 years of age) this would add 10 points. Not only do you get extra points for an Australian skilled visa you will arrive in Australia with your Australian Certificate III in Engineering (Fitter General). This is huge as employers want you to hold the necessary qualification so they can insure you, also means they know you have the Australian standards if any injuries take place while completing Fitter (General) jobs.

Applying for an Australian skills assessment as a Fitter does not necessarily require a qualification; this is dependent upon the country of your passport. 

The Down Under Centre has access to Australia’s Country Education Profiles and can confirm if your qualifications will be recognised so you can complete your skills assessment as a Fitter and obtain a visa to work in Australia as a Fitter. If you don’t hold any qualifications you can still move forward with your Australian Fitter skills assessment if you can provide 5 years of paid work experience.

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