Testimonials from clients emigrating to Australia

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“Thanks for all your help over the last 3 years Jenny, we are finally legal with a possible path to permanent residency in Australia! Give my regards to everyone at the DUC Thanks again!” (482 visa granted)

Martin Henderson – April 2021

“Professional, supportive and well informed. We were able to get through the complications of a spouse visa for Australia due to COVID-19 from UK to Australia, with the expert advice and visa management by Jenny of DUC. Absolutely recommend, clearly an expert and professional team!! Thanks! Would absolutely recommend DUC for Oz immigration, clearly 5 star service in our experience.”

Barry & Joan Walker – April 2021

“Many thanks for everything you’ve done, Jenny, for our Partner visa to Australia. We have been very happy with the service.”

Matthew Hill – April 2021

“A few days before Christmas, driving along in the bloody rain, my husband said ‘What do you think about finally going to Australia?’ (Something we’ve thought of for years, but always considering the kids ages and missing family) and I said ‘Yeah, sounds like a nice idea!’ (Not really taking him seriously). Spoke to Wes on 27th December 2020 and almost 3 months later, to the day, Lewis has completed his Australian skills assessment and English test and our EOI for Tasmania went in this morning! Huge thanks to Wes, Mars and Jenny for getting us this far! Now the wait begins….”

Lewis & Laura Arnold – March 2021

Hi Jenny. Before you, I spoke with 4 other agents and you was definitely the best. The most keen to advise, competent, approachable and kind. And the reviews of DUC and your own are impressive! I just made first payment by calling the London office as you advised. I am very glad you are keen to help me and my fiancée. Thank you very much!

Dariusz Sipowski – January 2021

“Made to feel really welcome from the start. Very well organised making the assessment stress free. Couldn’t recommend the Down Under Centre enough. They’ve been so helpful from the very beginning, very friendly atmosphere.”

Daniel Hopkinson – January 2021

“Thanks heaps for your help Jenny, for our Australian Partner visa. Having your help reduced the stress big time so will certainly also recommend the Down Under Centre at any opportunity.”

Roz & Sara – January 2021

“I’ve been buzzing all day since your call and haven’t been able to get any work done! I think having my Australian visa granted is a good excuse to take a day off though! Thanks again for all of your amazing help Jenny. You and the whole team at DUC have been amazing and made the whole journey as smooth and easy as possible.”

Brendan Granger – January 2021

“I would like to express my gratitude to the DUC for the information I have been given, it has been invaluable. I spent a lot of time sending my CV to employers in Australia only to be disappointed with no response or not proceeding with your application. Disheartened I spoke to Wes who advised me to register on the DUC employment hub. I added all my information and booked a Skype call with Leigh. I discussed my CV and work experience and my concern, my restricted electrical license, I felt this was holding me back and I was unemployable. Leigh explained she had got others jobs in the same situation and she felt she could do the same for myself. I was amazed how hard she worked and how quickly I got a response. An employer contacted me looking for someone with my skill set. I had a Skype call with the boss and have been offered the job which I start in January. I wish I had done this sooner. I can not thank you enough for you help and advice, I honestly have never felt so reassured and comfortable moving forward.”

Richard & Victoria Brooke – December 2020

“Will, thanks for all of your hard work helping me get to this point. You’ve made the skills assessment process very smooth and I highly appreciate everything you’ve done!

Ryan Buttress – December 2020

“It was our turn to get a call from Jenny last night with our visa grant! Absolutely over the moon. Jenny has been fantastic at every stage and couldn’t recommend highly enough! Gold Coast here we come!”

Craig & Claire Partridge – December 2020

“You guys at the Down Under Centre could not do any more to help people and families with their dreams of moving to Australia. You go above and beyond your jobs. Myself, Amy and Scarlett can not thank you enough for what you have done for us so far. You’re the best.”

James Rew – November 2020

“Thank you so so much Jenny! We’re incredibly excited and extremely grateful for all of your help on our Australian Partner visa, I’m lost for words! Going to crack open the bubbly in just a moment haha, who knew that November 24th was the new Christmas!!”

James Flett – November 2020

“Thank you Jenny! I was up last night gathering more evidence to update our Australian Partner visa application for the last 3 months since we lodged, how crazy that it’s been granted so fast! We are very happy, thank you again so much for all your help and advice.

Nick Mayne & Laura Collins – November 2020

“You have provided us with the best service so far. The DUC team have been truly amazing to deal with. Always very helpful and never too much trouble. When we were dealing with Mars during the TRA process, she was fantastic, so helpful, kept us right every step of the way. We felt at ease dealing with her. Couldn’t thank her enough for all her hard work. Jenny is now helping us move onto the next stage of the process and hopefully will help us to get our visa lodged. Jenny is the most organised, hardworking enthusiast person we have ever dealt with. We know we are in good hands. She has been so helpful and informative. Can’t praise the staff enough.”

Stuart Roy – November 2020

“I just wanted to thank you and all at DUC for all you have done in making this happen and what emanated from having a chat with a guy at an Australia Day event in Australia House who referred me to yourselves, he was right, you really could make it happen. “

David Rooke – November 2020

“You’re in great hands with the DUC team. Professional all the way through the process. And Jenny is a diamond.”

Mark Lewis – November 2020

“Excellent service, always there to help…with anything. Takes the stress out of applying for your visa. Would highly recommend.”

Wilma Watt – November 2020

“Very professional help. Very pleasant staff.”

Ken Paul – November 2020

“Wes and the team are amazing and have been so helpful so far. We are at the start of the process and have found their advice and expertise invaluable in helping to navigate the process of emigrating to Australia. The webinars that they hold once a month are also very useful and cover lots of subjects that you hadn’t even thought of as well as explaining about the skills assessments, schooling and DUC Employment Hub etc.”

Chloe Green – November 2020

“The Down Under Centre went above and beyond for me and my family. They were super easy to deal and speak with and have such an organised plan to make the big move to Australia happen. We landed 4 weeks ago amidst a pandemic and finally moved into our home. Will always recommend. Thank you!”

Ashley Howman – October 2020

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person at the DUC who helped us fulfil our ambitions and our dreams. The work that is put in is incredible and to think we were told originally (from another agent) that we would never get a visa!

We are currently waiting to board our last flight which will take us to Sydney. 46 hours of travel including a 17 hour stop over in Hong Kong! But it will be worth every second! Its been a hell of a rollercoaster recently and I still can’t actually believe we will be touching down in Oz soon! This is where our adventure begins. Best of luck to everyone still in the process, We know how hard it is….”

Lynsey, Gavin, Jacob & Reuben – October 2020

On the 15th of October 2018 we went to a DUC seminar in London with a million questions. After we chewed Wes Zandt’s ear for an hour, we came away a lot wiser about the process and confident the DUC could make it happen. 1 year later we were granted out visas, 4 months after the amazing Jenny applied for it may I add!

“For those who are waiting to submit their EOI, apply for the visa or even get your grant, hang on in there. It will happen when Australia is ready. Its taken us 6 failed attempts and a LOT of stress and we already had our visas. Seeing how serious they are taking the virus its no wonder there has been little movement from offshore applicants.”

David Wilson – October 2020

“Friday always is a good day to receive a positive skills assessment. Thank you to everyone at the DUC for the hundreds of calls and emails over the last 7 months. Never thought we get this far when we started. Now for Covid to do one so we can all get on that plane.”

Thomas & Annika Williams – October 2020

“So…10 years after saying “let’s move to Australia,” then having our family and then actually trying (and failing) to get a visa, we heard about the amazing Jenny! She helped us massively and we got our visas within a year. A global pandemic might have delayed us but it didn’t stop us!!! Thank you so much for making our dreams come true.”

Sharon Parker – September 2020

“What a email to wake up to (Received Certificate III in Solid Plastering)! Just like to say a huge thank you to Mars for everything she does to try make our lives alot easier. Sorry about all the emails & phone calls! LOL. Wes Zandt you have a true Diamond working at DUC. But honestly thank you so much.”

Ben & Sophie Ward – August 2020

“Can’t wait to fly to Brisbane after quarantine in Perth and become a fully fledged Brisbabe! OMG we did it! Thanks again, Jenny, for all of your support…once again I have tears of happiness and joy. I can’t wait for all of this to fully sink in!”

Bethan Strange – July 2020

“We are finally here in Melbourne! 2nd day of hotel quarantine – so far so good! Enjoying it as much as possible. We were so emotional in the plane, aside the fact that were leaving good friends in the UK but we reminisced how we started this dream. Thank God for everything. Thank you very much Jenny for helping us to get here! Your advice and guidance have made this whole journey easier and faster. I’m so proud of DUC! Jenny our connection wont stop here whether you like it or not. I will be bringing lots of people to get to know DUC and you!”

Charles & Aiza Bangoy – June 2020

“Firstly, we want to thank all of the DUC team for their hard work and effort to help us achieve our dream. We have received unbelievable support and advice through every stage of the process. We really believe that if you set your mind to something you can make it happen. Good luck to everyone on route to their visa, you are in the best hands at DUC, you really are.”

John & Helen Butler – March 2020

“So we’ve made it! Thank you guys for making this dream a reality, and thank you Jenny, for putting up with our constant pestering and questions. Wes Zandt, you’ve put together a world class team there, you should be proud. If only you could put together a new Aussie cricket team you’d be laughing!”

Wyn & Kathleen – March 2020

“Just had some fantastic news this morning. My permanent resident visa for Australia has now been GRANTED!! Making me free to move over to Australia… not even words right now can describe how happy I am, so I’m just standing here with a huge cheesy grin. Big thank you to everyone at the DUC group!!! You have made this a great experience and making my dream a reality!”

Carl Vass – March 2020

“Thank you for all your support and guidance during the visa application process. I still can’t believe I’m moving to Australia! Friends and relatives are both jealous and excited for my new journey.”

Jay Parmar – March 2020

“I was happy with the process of the Electrical assessment. It was organised and communication was good.”

Connor Brown – February 2020

“Omg Jenny! Can’t explain how happy and excited we are right now! Thank you all so much, everyone at the DUC are amazing!” – Visa Grant

Jason Casey & Charlaine Reeve – January 2020

“Honestly, we didn’t think we would ever get to this point….got our invitation to apply for our visa this morning….Scott turns 45 in 10 days.. we were SO tight for time. Could never have gotten this far without the wonderful Jenny and Ayla and the team. You guys are just amazing!”

Scott & Denise Ramsay – January 2020

“Here is to Our New Life Down Under in Brisbane!! Woooo Hooo We are so excited! Without the help of The DUC we would not be in this position!! To all the staff who have helped us along the way, we are forever grateful; Wes Zandt, Jenny Baker, Will Dunford, Tristan, and Jamie for all of your help and guidance along the way!”

Dan & Emily White – January 2020

“I still feel quite unreal with last night news. My husband did not sleep at all. We both would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. You have brought us closer to our dream to move to Australia. I wish I can thank you in person. It was by chance that I found you and your team but I now believe it is the faith. It is also such an nice reassurance that you will always be there to answer our questions, shall it arise. I wish you well to be able to help many more others to achieve their dreams. Thank you very much once again”

Dung and Jason – January 2020

“Thank you so much for the phone call this morning, I was totally speechless. I still can’t quite believe that we now have our visas for Australia and we’re free to go start our new adventure down under. Thanks also for everything the DUC team have done for us. I hope you have a great Christmas and new year! Thank you so much again.”

John Boyd – December 2019

”With the help of the DUC I achieved my certificate 3 in wall and floor tiling. Its a lengthy process but they guided me through it every step of the way. They were brilliant, just so helpful, positive and supportive. I would of really struggled with out them. I now live in Bondi, the information for shipping items, changing money and setting up bank accounts all available on their website. Thank you so much, I will recommend the Down Under Centre every time 😊”

Oliver Bagshaw – December 2019

“Thank you so much Jenny you really are one in a million!! I’m still speechless and in shock about our visa grant so no doubt I’ll be emailing back asking questions but for now, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!”

Wyn, Kath & Noah – November 2019

“The day went great as expected. The DUC was very helpful.”

Chad Marwaha – November 2019, just finished his electrician practical

“Good responsive staff and very accommodating and friendly.”

Domagoj Vukusic – November 2019

“Wouldn’t have got to this position without the DUC. Everybody was very friendly or pro-active! Thanks DUC.”

Ben Devlin – October 2019

“Thank you Jenny, Mars, Wes Zandt and all the team at the DUC. We are now able to carry out dream by getting our 190 PR visa’s granted this last week, it is still sinking in and we just want to get there!! Thank so much for your honest & knowledgeable advice, professionalism, patience and value for money!! All the way from getting the AQF certificate to the TRA Skills Assessment, to the EOI to the final visa application. We would never have done this without you, we would say to anyone who wants to make the move, the ONLY place is the DUC!! All the best to all the guys at DUC, THANK YOU!”

David & Cheryl Worman – October 2019

“Thank you so much Jenny, you are amazing at what you do and we are so grateful for all your help!! Thank you 😊🙏🏽”

Marie & Mark – October 2019

“We are over the moon… we got our 190 SA visa granted today a direct grant. Lodged 7th June 2019. Just 137 days. 60+5 Fitter General.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Wes, Jenny, Will & Mars for making our dream come true you have all been amazing from start to finish.

Total time from receiving our box for the the skills assessment in the post to our visa grant was around 10 and a half months.”

Danny Lewis – October 2019

“Thank you so much Jenny. Honestly still in shock. As is Helen. I just can’t believe it has come back so quick. Many many thanks for your hard work and incredible judgement on when to get our visa application submitted. We cannot thank you enough.”

John & Helen Grant – October 2019

“Many thanks for all your help, Jenny, and the help of the team down there at the Down Under Centre! We have booked our flights for November!”

Cameron Fyfe – October 2019

“We are so happy and words can’t express how grateful we are to you, Jenny, and the rest of the team at DUC. We wouldn’t have the visa without you as other agents told us not to bother and that we were unlikely to get approved! Can we give six-star review?!! Thank you again for giving us this chance!”

Jon & Anna Owen – September 2019

“Thank you very much, Jenny, for your hard work, help and advice during the visa process. We are very happy with the outcome! Also we would like to say a huge thank you for all of the DUC Team!”

Balazs Kelemen – September 2019

“Fantastic service, friendly, helpful and removes so much stress from the visa process”

Russell Bayley – August 2019

“It’s been a long, stressful journey but has been made so much easier because of you, Jenny; your dedication, knowledge and honest approach have really kept us going.”

Noelle Walker – July 2019

“My day went well. DUC Staff were very helpful and well organised”

Connor Smith – July 2019

“We got our 489 visa this morning, on the day we fly too!!! Just wanted to say you have been amazing, always on hand to answer questions, keep us on the right track and the ability to tell me to stop worrying in a way that gave us total confidence and reassurance . Also without you telling us about the qualification, we would have never been in this position, this has all been possible purely because of you 🙂 The DUC are very very very lucky to have you (Jenny Baker), you are an actual immigration angel 👼”

Scott Horner & family – July 2019

“Everything from start to finish was great. Help at every step. No problem was too big or too small to sort out. Everything was communicated great. Highly recommend.”

Ryan Wood – July 2019

“Day was planned and executed well. Interview was pleasant and good information provided and informative”

Liam Toller – June 2019

“Very professional service and friendly staff. Was taken care of very well by everyone at the DUC and had a great outcome”

Mark Morris – June 2019

“Great day, very informative. Assessor was approachable and friendly, just glad to get this out of the way with the help of the Down Under Centre!”

James Stewart – June 2019

“I am extremely happy with everything the DUC has done fr me and my wife. They have gone way beyond my expectations. Very grateful, thank you to the DUC Team”

Craig Kruger – May 2019

“Great team, couldn’t help anymore as much as they did for my Electrical skills assessment for Australia. Will and Wes are A1”

Chris King – May 2019

“The DUC have been great! Anything that I needed to know or more information needed, the DUC (Will) has been great and helped me straight away”

Oliver Smith – May 2019

“My experience has been great from the start of the Electrical Skills Assessment process to completing the Electrical Practical. Cannot recommend them anymore”

Simon Richmond – May 2019

“Very good at responding to emails and phone calls etc. Helpful for chasing me up for paperwork and everything for the Electrical Skills Assessment”

George Carey – May 2019

“Start to finish was brilliant. Staff are really nice and helpful. Will recommend them!”

Chris Whyman – May 2019

“I have no regrets in my decision to ask the Down Under Centre to take care of my application for immigration to Australia. They are funny, friendly, polite, helpful and very jovial. It’s always a pleasure dealing with all the staff and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Jason Casey – May 2019

“Excellent service from the DUC. From the beginning, the process has just been brilliant. The guidance and support so far is second to none!”

Justin Gibbens – May 2019

“I feel that everyone at the Down Under Centre have been amazing. They have answered all of my questions and helped me in every way possible. I was made to feel very comfortable at the time of my technical interview for my Fitter Skills Assessment which helped massively. Thanks to all!”

Michael Clarke – April 2019

“Thanks to all at the DUC. Great service and support, always going above and beyond. Would highly recommend the Down Under Centre. All your migration needs under one roof.”

Phil Petrides – April 2019

“Great service from the guys at the DUC. Very friendly, would recommend them to anyone looking to emigrate to Australia”

Marc Stevenson – April 2019

“The Electrical skills assessment via the Down Under Centre has been very well organised from the start. The way they ask you to collate your evidence is really easy to do and breaks it down into easy sections. The advice from start is second to none. They reply to any questions quickly and are always happy to help”

David Wilson – April 2019

“Everyone at the DUC were really helpful. Massive thanks to Will Dunford for all his help and advice along the way. Just completed the Electrical Practical which was made to be stress free. Looking forward to getting the visa lodged!”

Luke Jenner – April 2019

“Amazing, couldn’t do it without the Down Under Centre. First class personal service from start to finish!”

John Boyd – April 2019

“Fantastic team. Very professional and knowledgable. Awesome support and help whenever you need it”

Danny Jones – March 2019

“Very much appreciated! Keep up the good work. Thank you!”

Brad Rowcroft – March 2019

“First class service from start to finish of a enjoyable journey. Couldn’t ask for a better team!”

Sheara Singh – March 2019

“Wes and the team at the Down Under Centre have been great for our business. We attended the same Down Under Live event in London and they were able to refer IT candidates to us and likewise, help our candidates that required advice on any and all aspects of moving down under.

Their DUC Employment Hub has also been a useful source of candidates for us and I can see that this is only going to get better as time goes on.

Further to that, we were able to use an office in their operation at Ealing Broadway, London to interview candidates.

The whole experience has been great. Wes and his team have been very helpful, easy to deal with and their operation has been of benefit to our business. We are IT recruitment specialists from Hamilton, New Zealand. Working with The Down Under Centre has been great for all of us.”

– Phil Burton – Burton and Associates, Waikato I.T Recruitment

“Excellent service from everyone. Pleased with all the help I have received and would fully recommend using the Down Under Centre”

Daniel Pollard – February 2019

“I’m so happy, what a lovely bit of news for us to leave on. Just saying thank you doesn’t do you guys justice.. you all do such an amazing job and feel so lucky to have you on side with our dream of moving to Australia, something I didn’t think was possible at some stages but it’s all coming together and we can’t thank you enough.”

Daniel Mitchell – February 2019

“Thanks Jenny for all your work on getting us the visa both myself and Debbie really appreciate the work and effort you’ve put in. The process has been so easy to follow with you guiding us in what is a very daunting experience to go solo on! Many thanks”

Danny Webster – February 2019

“Thank you so much Jenny for all of your help through this! And thanks to Wes and the team.”

Jess Fraser – February 2019

“Came for my skills assessment, very easy to find and made to feel very welcome by Mars ad Will. Nothing is too much trouble for DUC, everyone is very nice and very helpful both by email and in person. DUC is the way forward!”

Paul Foster – January 2019

“The Down Under Centre is an amazing company that has been so helpful throughout. Everyone in the office are so quick with replies to any questions you have. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Ross George – January 2019

“DUC are so supportive and personable. So happy I decided to use them for my skills assessment process. Fingers crossed on the visa application now!”

Liz Allan – January 2019

“Thank you so much for this, we really appreciate your help. We are both in a bit of shock at the moment that we have managed to do all this and submit in a short amount of time. It is actually happening and is something we have both felt would be a struggle but you made it so easy and stress free, so thank you.”

Sean and Amy – December 2018

“Great service from start to finish during my carpentry skills assessment. Very quick and informative process. Highly recommend the Down Under Centre”

Nathan Atkinson – December 2018

“From start to finish the DUC were there for every step of my skills assessment. Always there to answer calls and queries. Big thanks to Will, Tash, Mars and Wes on a great all round service!”

Lee Wagstaff – December 2018

“SPECIAL THANKS to Wes, Mars & Will, and also everyone else behind the scenes at the DUC. My personal skills assessment journey had been an 8 month nightmare until I was put into contact with these guys. They immediately identified the issue, gave me fantastic support in structuring a new assessment, and not long after… I’m awaiting my Cabinetmaking certificate! This is 100% THE place you need to go for migration down under, whoever you are, but ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A TRADESMAN OR WOMAN. Honestly, there’s no-one out there who offers the Skills assessment service that DUC can give you! Have a great Christmas guys🍻👍

Bill Hewitt – December 2018

“Great information. Helpful and great dealing with the Down Under Centre team”

Carl Vass – November 2018

“Just want to say a big thank you to all the team at the Down Under Centre! You’ve been super, every step of the way!”

Oliver Morse – November 2018

“The Down Under Centre have proved invaluable in our visa journey. I initially contacted a few agents for advice and was left feeling deflated when one agent said he didn’t think my bricklayer boyfriend would secure a visa. I then spoke to Wes at the Down Under Centre who was totally positive from the word go and made us realise that we had every chance of making the dream a reality. He explained all of our options so clearly and never put any pressure on us to sign up to their services. After hearing good reviews from other people we decided we would use the DUC for our entire process and skills assessment. My boyfriend went to their offices in London to complete the Skills assessment and they put him completely at ease and made the whole process not only easy but enjoyable. They helped him complete his white card and even signed us both up to the DUC employment hub. The team are so friendly and helpful and have made what can be a confusing process so straightforward and simple. Thank you to the DUC team for all your help!”

James and Collette – November 2018

“We signed up with the DUC in January 2018 and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The whole process has been stress free and simple. Thank you!”

Russell Martell – November 2018

“The DUC are a fantastic, helpful, welcoming company. Staff are very polite. I was made to feel very welcome on my visit to complete the technical interview. Would massively recommend the Down Under Centre!”

Kevin Redgrave – November 2018

“Location of the DUC is situated directly next to Ealing Broadway station. Such a welcoming atmosphere from the team and have helped us through the whole visa/skills assessment process and couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you for everything”

Jason Heckford – October 2018

“A great service, very friendly and welcoming environment. They have talked me through the whole process in terms I can understand. I will recommend the DUC to anyone and everyone looking to go make the move down under. Many thanks.”

Simon Proctor – October 2018

“After reading several recommendations online, I chose the Down Under Centre. I have not been disappointed in any way, the team are funny, fast and friendly. Most of all cost effective in steps that I can afford. With the Down Under Centre’s help, I have done everything I have needed to in the U.K in under 13 weeks from signing up! Thank you to Will, Wes and the whole team together!”

Louis Dunn – October 2018

“Really helpful in getting you through the Electrical Skills Assessment. It’s a really laid back and friendly atmosphere. The Employment Hub is great at making sure you’ve got everything in place for the move to Australia. Would highly recommend the DUC.”

Will Coston – October 2018

“I contacted the Down Under Centre for the Trades Skills Assessment as an Electrician. I was assigned to Will for the process, who has been in regular contact and a great help to make the process as smooth as possible. Thank you!!”

Jon Mayors – October 2018

“Jon and I cannot thank he amazing team at the Down Under Centre enough. Everyone goes out of their way to help, inform and guide us every step of the way. We are up against a very tight deadline as Jo turns 45 in less than a year and the team are doing everything they can to make our lifelong dream come true. I highly recommend the DUC and urge anyone thinking of migrating to sign up – you will be so glad you did!”

Jon and Anna Owen – September 2018

“All the staff were very helpful and came in early for me to complete my skills assessment. I also did the White Card at the DUC. Thanks Wes, Ayla and team!”

Robert Williams – September 2018

“Awesome experience with the DUC. They made a stressful meeting a lot more relaxed with super friendly staff!”

Simon Atkinson – September 2018

“What a fantastic team the Down Under Centre are. From the very beginning, they have taken all the stress away and made our journey very enjoyable. Tehy have always been at the end of the phone to offer advice and answer all our questions. We wouldn’t of been able to make our dream possible without you all. Thank you to all at the DUC.”

Michael and Leigh Chadwick – August 2018

“After more than 18 months of blood, sweat & tears…. mine & Phil’s dreams about to become a reality… as today I received the long awaited call to say, “Congratulations your Australian Visa has been granted…. it’s now time to celebrate!” Thank you to Wes & those in the DUC team that have supported us & helped us through the process.”

Phil Barnard and Sarah Heywood – July 2018

“We cannot thank the DUC enough for all their hard work and support so far. It all started with a small chat at an Oz seminar to make a dream we have had for years actually seem possible. The DUC team have been fantastic, extremely helpful, answering any queries or concerns and always ensuring we were heading in the right direction. Thank you so much!!”

Barry and Kelly Townsend – July 2018

“I literally have no words to thank these guys who helped us out with the positive project management skills assessment. Wes is such a lovely guy who totally helps you through the goodness of his heart. Each conversation we have is so laid back, he makes you feel at ease and will go miles out of his way to help you.

We used Jenny baker for the visa process, once again, second to none. She is so brutally honest and tells you as it is, but again, so unbelievably helpful, even contacting us out of hours. We cannot thank jenny enough for her support.

Amazing service from all involved with the DUC. Can highly recommend. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again guys.”

Carla and Shaun – July 2018

“All the team at The Down Under Centre are there every step of the way from your training and qualifications through to the lodging of your application. Don’t waste anymore time thinking about it if you want to move Down under take your first step and give them a call, you won’t look back. Thank you Down Under Centre team!! “

David Worman – July 2018

“The Electrical practical assessment and the staff at the Down Under Centre have been fantastic. I would highly recommend using them for all your migration needs to Australia.”

Simon Boxer – June 2018

“Great staff members who help you out during the whole process from start to finish. In regular contact with you by phone calls and emailing helps you process your application smoothly and efficiently. Highly recommend The Down Under Centre and staff.”

Craig Fell – June 2018

“The DUC have been amazing! Always available for a chat by phone, email or facebook to help with the process. They have made the skills assessment process manageable and I have no doubt the team will continue to be on point as we apply for our visas”

Matt Simons – May 2018

“Simple process with a realistic practical assessment. The staff are really friendly, would recommend to anyone”

Barry Tomlinson – May 2018

“Today has been plane sailing, I came in nervous and the DUC made me feel at ease straight away.”

Daniel Nye – May 2018

The Down Under Centre was recommended to me by fellow members of an emigration forum on social media. The centre has surpassed all my expectations of a skills assessment provider and their expertise, extensive knowledge and the help and prompt nature of their communication skills are highly recommendable to those looking to undertake a skills assessment. My frequent communication with Tash and Mars to answer queries and provide documents was extremely prompt, they were on hand immediately and I would unreservedly recommend their services to anyone looking to start the process of adding a new chapter to their life and emigrate for a new adventure.”

Andrew and Kelly Hitchings – May 2018

“Awesome service! I felt my interview went well. Tash, Mars and the team have gone out of their way to help me have a speedy process as they know I’m against the clock! Can’t recommend enough, cheers guys!”

David Strevens – April 2018

“I was a little nervous and anxious about the technical interview, but the friendly attitude and help I got from the DUC team made it all a very relaxing experience. Even the interview went well, and that’s because Cameron, the assessor, was a top bloke who made it a great interview. Thank you Mars and your team!”

Darren Jones – April 2018

“I wanted to thank you for your help and support through the whole process especially early on getting all the documentation sorted. I’ve still got some steps to go but happy this is done and passed. Many thanks”

Danny Webster – April 2018

“We’ve been so lucky to find the DUC. They are the only company we found that offers free webinars which gives great advice about making the move to Oz. Their free walk-in centre is amazing if you’re looking for 5* advice!!! We were made to feel so welcome by Wes Zandt and the team and nothing was too much”

Dan and Gabby Hughes – UK – April 2018

“I would like to thank the Down Under Centre for all the help during the carpentry skills assessment process. Always at the end of the phone, great advice and personal service. I can’t thank the team enough, thanks guys! “

Simon Rimington, UK – March 2018

“The Down Under Centre have been brilliant all the way through the joinery skills assessment process. I would like to say a big thank you to Mars and Tash for their help!”

Anthony Harman, UK – March 2018

“The DUC has been extremely helpful with our journey to Australia. The staff have been so friendly and approachable, also they never laughed at our silly questions!”

Louise Swanborough, UK – March 2018

“It’s official we are off. 12th September.

Me, my wife and kids would like to say thank you for all ur support over the last 12 months. We have made loads of friends on here and we hope one day we might get to meet you all.

Jenny @ Ian Harrops has done us an amazing service/Job. Wes Zandt, Mars and the team have been amazing too. Putting up with all my moaning. Just remember it does happen when you least expect it, ours did. #keepthedreamalive

Mark Ryan, UK – March 2018

“I have known Wes Zandt for a number of years and met him around the time that the Down Under Centre was just starting out and see him now as a personal friend to both my wife and I.

He gave me a lot of helpful advice and guidance to start my family and I on our own personal emigration journey, I was lucky enough to work with Wes Zandt a few years ago so to see the Down Under Centre grow into what it is today is testament to Wes and his teams vision and hard work, what they offer is unique in the UK and a business idea that has helped so many people fulfil their dreams and ambitions to work and live in Australia.

An example of Wes Zandt going the extra mile, was just before we were due to emigrate, he made a special effort to put me in touch with some of his industry contacts so that we were given the best advice for banking and home removal etc, we received a fantastic personal service so thanks again Wes.

I would honestly recommend anyone who is considering temporarily or permanently moving to Australia to use the Down Under Centre, they offer a wealth of services and the team are fully knowledgeable on all aspects of skills assessment and migration.

Next time you are in Adelaide Wes I will shout you a beer!

Kind regards

The Waite Family – Emigrated in December 2017″

Ben Waite, UK – February 2018

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the team at the Down Under Centre for making a complicated process, straight forward. I would also like to thank FSI and Jim for a great day at the Electrical Skills Assessment! It was a great environment and a great way to test your knowledge”

Danny Waite, UK – February 2018

“The Electrical practical assessment was a good course with clear objectives. The assessment refreshed my knowledge in the Electrical trade

“Shaun Brown, UK – February 2018

“The Electrical practical assessment is carried out in a calm and friendly environment which is a big help in settling the nerves.”

Michael Roberts, UK – February 2018

“The Electrical practical assessment went well. I would recommend doing the Electrical Skills Assessment with the Down Under Centre. Everyone was helpful and very friendly and the assessor put us at ease.”

Bradley Thomas, UK – February 2018

“I’ve recommended the webinars to my co-workers who are looking to move to Australia, so much information available on the webinars from the banking to removals. PSS give us a lot of information about the specifics of removals and shipping, which is just brilliant!”

Andrew Whitaker, London – Nov 17

“The staff and assessor were very helpful and friendly in what could have been a daunting assessment. I felt conformatable carrying out the tasks and knew what was expected of me.”

Niall McLaren, Down Under Centre

“Such a relaxed environment with no pressure at all!”

David Mulderry, Down Under Centre

“It was such a relaxed environment and a good amount of time was given for each task!”

Ashley Emery, Down Under Centre

“Loved the whole Skill Assessment process; it was a great experience in a relaxed and calm environment.”

Jason Davies, Down Under Centre

“It is a must to use Future Skills and Wes Zandt from the Down Under Centre to get my qualification as an Electrician assessed. They opened the door on many other areas and Wes Zandt and their team provided guidance every step of the way. Very helpful and approachable staff! Thank you!!”

Andrew Linford Garcia, UK – October 2017

“Everyone and everything about the Electrical practical assessment was brilliant from start to finish!”

Scott Hibert, UK – October 2017

“We cannot thank The Down Under Centre enough in getting us through my Skills Assessment for a Metal Fabricator. We couldn’t have done it without their help, especially Nikki who made the process so much easier. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is looking to make such a life changing move.

Thanks again Nikki”

Chris & Claudia Evans, UK – September 2017

“Today we had our technical interview, we are feeling on top of the world! We can’t rave about the Down Under Centre enough! Without their handholding through the Bricklaying Skills Assessment for Australia, we would have given up on our dreams months ago. The team are genuinely nice people which really helps. Thank you for all of your help guys. Australia here we come!!”

Oliver & Rebecca Cuthbert, UK – September 2017

“The Down Under Centre are a great team to work with on achieving my goal of positive skills assessment needed for my 189 visa to Australia. They were very responsive to emails and questions I had along the journey. Wes Zandt and his team are stars and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Thanks a million!!”

Russell Housgo, UK – September 2017

“Really informative day from good people with my interests as top priority, can’t thank the Down Under Centre enough. Cheers!”

James Macdonald, UK – September 2017

“Excellent, relaxed atmosphere. Nikki and Tash were really helpful assisting with application and leading up to the practical assessment. The assessor on the day was great, he put everyone at ease and explained what was expected throughout the day.”

Jonathan McCluskey, UK – September 2017

“Very good and professional! Wes Zandt and the team were friendly and made the practical assessment easy. I would recommend them for the Electrical Practical Skills Assessment”

Rick Harcom – FSI client, UK – September 2017

“Thanks Down Under Centre!! You made it as stress free as possible to acquire my trade certs. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!”

Andy Poole, London – August 2017

“The whole thing of moving to another country is quite daunting but all the staff at The Down Under Centre made me feel at ease! They always had time to speak to me and make the experience non-stressful! I would highly recommend them!”

Robin Tonks, London – August 2017

“I instantly felt comfortable after my initial contact with Wes Zandt at the down under centre, also Nikki and colleagues were helpful and friendly throughout and more importantly professional, making the whole process a breeze! If you need assistance making your migration dream come true I couldn’t recommend these guys more! Safe travels and good luck with your plans people”

Andrew Dulake, London – Aug 2017

“These guys are just the best.. from start to finish both Wes Zandt and Nikki were there to help you with any questions or stress issues. First class service great service and value, would highly recommend this team to anyone needing visa help, superb. Will be in touch soon re the removals you also have service and advice for thanks guys for everything”

Angela Cordner, London – Aug 2017

“Well, where to start…. 6 years ago I did my vetasses with Wes as the instructor,. He made the whole process run smoothly and with a relaxed atmosphere which took the stress out of that part of the visa application.

Roll on 6 years, and we are now living in Australia, having been here 6 months. In this time, I have struggled to find a job in my trade as a plumbing & gas engineer. Despite dozens of job applications with little or no response and dropping my resume in just every company I could find, I contacted Wes to see if he could offer any advice…. He took the time out to discuss by telephone and then invited me to send my resume for his review. He came back with some helpful advice, which I acted on – I submitted this revised resume with my next job application – Lo and behold, this resulted in and interview and a job offer. Wes has been an absolute star – he didn’t have to do any of this, but clearly he has a real interest in his clients – past and present. Once again Wes, thank you so much. Your support and interest in my situation was most appreciated and helpful – I owe you a beer when you are next over here!!

Steve Gaskin, London – Aug 2017

“The Down Under Centre have been a great help with assisting me through the immigration process, very helpful and friendly, extremely supportive! A 1st class team, ready to help.”

Adrian Nelson, London – July 2017

“Came here for the skills assessment, made everything easy for me! Real friendly and I have had an awesome time!”

Richard Waite, London – July 2017

“Skills Assessment made extremely easy by the guys at the Down Under Centre. Never too much hassle what ever you ask of them, thanks guys!”

Darren Willcocks, London – July 2017

“First Aid Course – Yesterday was awesome??, it makes this whole journey feel real and it’s so exciting. It’s unbelievable how sound and approachable you guys are! I hope all Ozzie’s are the same. This all feels achievable with your help and support. It was a great day
Thanks again”

Jason Cowan – Plumber, UK – June 2017

“I instantly felt comfortable after my initial contact with Wes at the down under centre, Nikki and colleagues where helpful and friendly throughout and more importantly professional, making the whole process a breeze! If you need assistance making your migration dream come true I couldn’t recommend these guys more! Safe travels and good luck with your plans people!”

Andrew Dulake, June 2017

“Top class people really can’t do enough to help with every need you might have for your move to Australia!”

Scott Mcmaster, June 2017

“Massive thank you to Wes, Nikki and Mars for all of your help and support with Dexter’s Skills Assessment. The process was smooth from start to finish and any queries were dealt with straight away. The Technical Assessment went extremely well – the Assessor was very friendly and easy to talk to. We would highly recommend the Down Under Centre to anyone that needs any help or advice with their move to Australia – we can’t thank them enough for their friendly and efficient service. THANK YOU :)”

Dexter & Kayleigh, June 2017

“Wes has been very helpful so far with providing us with the information we need and guiding us in the right direction even if our applications are a couple of years before being started!

“Katie Kemp, June 2017

“The assessment day was a very good way of testing out my skills and knowledge as an Electrician for emigrating down under.

I found all aspects of the assessment straight forward and well explained by the assessor with good facilities and equipment. Jim, the assessor was A-Grade, explained everything in detail and was very approchable with any questions.”

Dafydd Thomas, UK – June 2017

“Excellent! The assessor, Nikki and Wes made the assessment a relaxed and enjoyable one. The information before, during and after was superb. I recommend them highly”

James Brand, June 2017

“Great all round service. Pleased with the facilities and assessor and all the help from the Down Under Centre team. Thanks!”

Philip Mckibben, June 2017

“Absolutley love everyone connected with this place, want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for getting my journey up and running and through the 1st main stage, anyone at all out there thinking about making a move to the other side of the world then please get in touch with Wes and the team, they can’t do enough for you, thank you again”

Shaun Whitehead, May 2017

“The Down Under Centre delivers a great skills assessment service. Before the assessment I was a bit nervous but found th atmosphere to be relaxed and my assessor, John, very approachable. Nikki was great through the whole process and answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently. The information provided was good however I would also recommend buying the Electrical Assessment Ready Programme aswell. All in all, I would highly recommend the Down Under Centre!”

Ryan Hall, May 2017

“I was abit nervous walking in prior to the Technical Interview, but the assessor, Anthony, was a really nice guy and easy to talk to. I just spoke about what I do as a Fitter every day. The process was more simple than I thought.”

Greg Eustace, London – May 2017

“The Technical Interview was very informal and friendly. The assessor and I just talked about what I do on a day to day basis and it was a very relaxed conversation. I would highly recommend the Down Under Centre to do the Skills Assessment for Australia!”

Chris Bishop, London – May 2017

“What can I say?! It was a pleasure from start to finish on the Practical Assessments. The Down Under Centre are a very helpful team and I would definitely recommend!”

Daniel Jones, May 2017

“The practical was clear and a I knew what was expected of me. The Down Under Cente helped me throughout the Skills Assessment process from beginning to end and I would highly recommend them!”

Matthew Twomey , May 2017

“There was good communication between myself and my agent, Nikki, throughout theb Skills Assessment process. The assessor on the day, John was very clear about the Practical and what we had to do.”

Lloyd Quigley , May 2017

“Future Skills International – I was very pleased with the whole process and service that I received at the Down Under Centre from Nikki Chilvers. They were very informative and always happy to help. The Skills Assessment day was excellent! My assessor Jim was great and it was a very well planned out course and plenty of support leading up to it!”

Adam Young, London – April 17

“Future Skills International – It was a very relaxed day. James, my assessor, was very helpful and Nikki has been great throughout the whole process.”

David Slack, London – April 17

“Future Skills International – I found that the FSI assessment was very enjoyable and was very impressed with the course as a whole. The course was conducted by a comfortable assessor who was approachable and knowledgeable.”

Lee Pattison, London – April 17

“The assessor was very friendly and relaxed – we even spoke about rugby for abit! The Down Under Centre were always available to help when I had questions about the Skills Assessment. I am so excited to make the move to Melbourne, Australia!”

Paul, April 2017

“I would like to thank, wes,nikki, and the team for all the help and guidance in helping me getting all of my information together for my documentary assessment. And now today making me feel relaxed and comfortable on my technical interview
Your service and attitude is outstanding. I would highly recommend the down under centre to any one requiring skills assessment for Australian qualification recognition
Thanks again Joe”

Joseph Smith, April 2017

“The Down Under Centre were very helpful and friendly. The whole process was quick and easy. I would highly recommend their service!”

Nathan Watters , London – March 2017

“I’d like to pass my thanks and gratitude to Wes for his straight talking, honest and efficient approach to the qualification process, it’s with the help of Wes and my assessor Chris that I have successfully gained my qualification of business.
It’s been a pleasure dealing with you both and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to getting their recognised qualification. 1st class service from the initial meeting and onwards.
You guys have been extremely helpful with nothing being too much trouble – Thanks again.”

Tom Fowler, London – March 17

“The Down Under Centre were immediately welcoming on entering the building and the staff were extremely helpful. Not once during my technical interview did I feel worried or uncomfortable, I was also supplied with a wealth of information regarding immigration”

Adam McLean, London – March 2017

“I am now living and working in Australia as a direct result of the help I had from the team. Couldn’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work!”

Paul Rossiter, London – March 2017

“The service was really good; Mars was helpful with the information that was given to me. I would highly recommend their services and using The Down Under Centre in the future!”

Jamie Parsons, Feb 2017

“Future Skills were very patient with me and explained in details what was requested of me for my assessment and the paperwork needed for leading up to the assessment. I would recommend to them to everyone!

Andre Garcia, Feb 2017

“Future Skills – I feel as if the assessment went well as I carry out assessed tasks on a daily basis. The assessor was very approachable to ask questions; Future Skills have good communication and I was kept up to date on the assessment process.”

Matt Harvey, Feb 2017

“Really pleased with the service that The Down Under Centre provided. Very helpful in answering all my questions and really friendly. A real pleasure to work with!”

Lee Barnard, London – January 2017

“Going through the assessment I found the information I was given was extremely helpful and I felt confident in my preparation that I did which was given to me by the Down Under Centre; they really helped me with the interview process.”

Ryan Woolven , London – January 2017

“All the guys at The Down Under Centre have been fantastic through the whole process. They go above and beyond to give you all the information needed. I felt at complete when I went down for my technical interview, all the team are very welcoming, helpful and friendly. Even when we experienced technical difficulties, they always had a back-up plan to ensure everything went smoothly!”

Gareth Ventom , London – January 2017

“The Down Under Centre were very helpful from start to finish! They made me feel comfortable in every aspect regarding to what I had to do in getting my visa. Highly recommend using their services, they were first class.”

Michael Trott, London, Dec – 2016

“The service was really great. Nikki and the whole team were really helpful! Appreciate everything that they have done for us. Thank you for everything!”

James Dunlop, London – December 2016

“The Down Under Centre was so easy to find the first time that I visited it. I had my Fitter Skills Assessment for the visa application and I was thoroughly briefed prior to my arrived by both Nikki and Mars. On arrival, I was greeted by Mars and welcomed into a nice and relaxed atmosphere to come into before the assessment. I cannot rate Mars, Nikki, Wes and all of the DUC staff highly enough and there is no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

David Sharples, London – December 2016

“The experience I’ve had was extremely friendly and accomodating. Every person in the Down Under Centre was helpful in more ways than I had expected. I felt comfortable and at home from the moment I sat down. I have a great appreciation for the way they handle everything in a professional manner; I would definitely recommend!”

Hendrick Van Der Merwe, UK – Nov2016

“Nikki and the down under centre team were a real pleasure to work with. They were very informative and answered all my questions about Wall and Floor tiling AQFIII to put me at ease. I would definitely recommend the down under centre team to anyone!”

Peter Walmsley, UK – Nov2016

“Roof plumbers with Visa Bureau – Nikki and Wes were brilliant! The Down Under Centre were helpful to the utmost. I felt safe in their hands and I am very grateful for Nikki’s guidance and help. I would absolutely recommend the Down Under Centre with its fabulous staff.”

Richard&Gemma Davis, UK – Nov 2016

“Electrician – Relaxed and very informative process. Very relaxed atmosphere and no pressure at all or clock watching to get tasks done. Would recommend to anyone about using the down under centre for electrical skills assessment.”

Duncan Smith, UK – Nov 2016

“Electrician – Best aspect of the process was the one-day practical assessment as it was well delivered, well organised and done in an atmosphere that made everyone relaxed. I would highly recommend the Down Under Centre for help in getting your trade recognised for visa purposes. From the beginning, Nikki has been a great help, right through a long ad difficult process of gathering information, to submitting for approval. James delivered the assessment day professionally and in a manner that made everyone relax in what was a nerve-wracking day. Well done Nikki, James and Future Skills!”

Shane Devine, UK – Nov 2016

“Bricklayer, Go Matilda client – I found the support given very helpful. I am pleased with the service. I received all the information I needed for the process. Perfect!”

Duncan Smith, UK – Oct 2016

“Bricklayer – Everyone at the Down Under Centre were really helpful and make the process extremely easy. I would recommend them to anybody!”

Rob Wilkinson, UK – Oct 2016

“Electrician – Good experience. DUC were spot on. They were awesome people to work with. Just waiting to get on the Visa to come through and then we will be on our way.”

Nicholas Goucher, UK – Oct 2016

“Bricklayer, Migration Planners – DUC were brilliant. Gave me the kick up the backside I needed. My wife is a nurse and they were also very helpful in supporting her. Cannot fault them. Look to be making the permanent move in Jan/Feb 2017!”

Oliver Jones, UK – Oct 2016

“I can’t speak highly enough of the Down Under Centre. All the staff have been highly professional and their help and guidance through the application process for my fitter skills assessment for australia has been invaulable.”

Thomas Consterdine, UK – Oct 2016

“The process of the Cert III in Carpentry was straightforward with the help from the Down Under Centre. I would not recommend doing this without their help! There was a lot of paperwork but they were always keen to help with my questions arising, finishing with a simple and friendly interview.”

Richard Fomison, UK – Sept 2016

“I can highly recommend the Down Under Centre, from start to finish they have been there every step of the way to help with my Skills Assessment as a Metal Machinist. They are very professional.”

James Marriner, UK – Sept 2016

“Carpenter – Technical Interview was fine. No hassle and it was much quicker and easier than I thought. It wasn’t as daunting as I expected it to be and the Down Under Centre team were more than helpful when going through the skills assessment process.”

Tristan Newton, UK – Sept 2016

“I’m so glad I decided to use the Down Under Centre for my Skills Assessment, as it made the process simple and straight forward. Help was always available if required!”

Sean Martin, UK – Sept 2016

“It has been fantastic dealing with the Down Under Centre. Having a friendly voice on the opther end of the phone is great when you’re going through something as big as emigrating. Always helpful and reassuring. They have made this so much easier than I thought it would be! – Carpenter”

Joe Tucker, UK – Sept 2016

“The process has been hard due to the extra information required due to being self-employed, overall I have been happy with the service The Down Under Centre on behalf of Future Skills have provided me.”

James Kelly, UK – Sept 2016

“Everyone at the Down Under Centre were great, very helpful and understand everyone’s individual needs. – Electrician”

Fraser Evans, UK – Sept 2016

“From start to finish this has been a smother process than I thought. The Down Under Centre have me all the help and advice I needed for my stage 2 and 3 assessments as an Electrican. Assessor John was very professional and supported me thought the practical skills assessment. Many many thanks to the team.”

Robin Fisher , UK – Sept 2016

“Made to feel at east prior to the assessment. The whole team at the Down Under Centre hare very approachable – thank you! – Electrician”

Richard Jones, UK – Sept 2016

“I want to thank everybody at the Down Under Centre for their simple and honest advice and guidance to getting my Australian Qualification in Carpentry. Yhe team answered all of my questions quickly and made what could have been a stressful process extremely easy and straight forward.”

Neil Peek, UK – Sept 2016

“A big thank you to all the staff at the Down Under Centre. From the outset they made the whole process for my Joinery Skills Assessment so easy, which is really confidence inspiring. Lots of support and reassurance throughout. Thanks guys! Hope the Visa application is equally smooth! We’re so happy it’s all completed. Will be back in touch with your partners when we’re a bit further with the visa. Thanks for all the info and your time. – Matt & Laura Dudley”

Matt Dudley, UK – Sept 2016

“Wes and Nikki have been so helpful after I had a bad experience with a different emigration agent. The technical interview was very informal and I felt totally relaxed once it was underway, it was more like a friendly chat. I would highly recommend the Down Under Centre to anybody wishing to emigrate to Australia. – Joiner”

Richard Atkinson, UK – Sept 2016

“Loads of information and really friendly knowledgeable staff. It is a long process for a Visa and it is good to have so much help getting through it.”

Leonard Emmins, UK – Sept 2016

“Big thanks to the team at the Down Under Centre for heping me achieve my AQF III in Solid Plastering. The team have been amazing with their knowledgable advice, nothing was too much trouble and they really helped me stwep by step through the whole process. I would definitely recommend the Down Under Centre to anyone looking to make the move. Thanks guys!”

Lee Appleton, UK – Sept 2016

“Bricklayer – Wes and Mars and the team at The Down Under Centre are amazinf! They make you feel comfortbale and welcoming and gave us lots of information. Big thank-you to Mars and Wes for making Paul and I feel so comfortable before Paul’s Skype interview. You all deserve 5+++++ thanks for everything!”

Paul & Janice Desborough, UK – Aug 2016

“Carpenter & Joiner – Having used the Down Under Centre for my SKills Assessment, they have been fantastic. Communication has been fantastic and the service and help of filling documents has been excellent. I would highly recommend them.”

Carl Johnson, UK – August 2016

“The guys here made me feel really comfortable. Brian, my assessor, was friendly and where I had my Technical Interview was a really relaxed environment.”

Adrian Beech – Bricklayer, UK – August 2016

“I have been very nervous through the process but Wes and Nikki could not have done more for me. This was a nerve wracking process and I couldn’t have done it without their help! I wish these guys were doing my Visa too!”

Nick Smith – Carpenter, UK – August 2016

“What a team! From day one they looked after and gave me all the info and help I needed to help get me through my exam, big thanks to Wes and Nikki and the team for all the help they’ve given me can’t wait to get to Oz and start a new life! If anyone wants to get out there these are the guys that can help you!
Thanks very much you’re all stars!!!!”

Martin Taylor – Electrician, UK – August 2016

“The Down Under Center were very friendly and have helped me out with and questions that needed answering. Nikki was particularly helpful with what I needed to do. My Assessor John was also helpful and provided clear and understandable instructions, would definitely put DUC name forward to anyone wanting to take the plunge.”

Luke Whiddett – Electrician, UK – August 2016

“I was very happy with the Electrical Practical course from when I booked it, to when I sat the test. People in the office and the instructors were very helpful.”

Rory Conroy – Electrician, UK – August 2016

“ACTS client – Many thanks for the paperwork, it has been an extremely smooth process through ACTS with excellent communication throughout! Again, many thanks”

Mark Sproule – Fitter, UK – August 2016

“Electrician – Great service! Every time I had a question they answered it and made me feel at ease. I would recommend them highly!”

Shayne Flaherty, UK – August 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you to Tom from BBM Live and Nat from Australian Nursing Agency for taking the time to speak to me about the opportunity to move to Australia. It was such a good session and I feel I have a clear idea in how I have to make my dream in moving to Australia become a reality. I will definitely pass on the message to my friends and other nurses and refer them to the Down Under Centre. Thank you again for making me feel so welcome and being for helpful. – Moving Down Under Event Open Day”

Lily – Nurse, UK – July 2016

“Electrician – Future SkilIsInternational – I did my Electrical Assessment a few weeks back with yourself, and I just received a successful certificate! A massive thank you to you and your team for a very professional service.”

Jon Rowley, UK – July 2016

“Big big thanks to the DUC team who helped with my diploma for my skills assessment which I have now passed. So so easy I still don’t quite believe it, the only part of the process I was worried about and I needn’t have been. From day one Wes was great putting us in contact with the RIGHT migration specialist and easing my fears, although I didn’t really believe it would be as easy as he said! He delivered on his promise, well worth the money for peace of mind and pushing my family on to the next part of our journey. These guys know what they’re doing, wish we’d met them sooner! Thanks so much, best investment in my families future I’ve ever made! Good luck in helping other families realise their dreams!”

Jamie Bass, UK – July 2016

“Future Skills International – I had a great day doing examinations. Good and clear instructions are given and the instructors are very helpful. Really enjoyed today”

Lisa Coombes, UK – June 2016

“Future Skills International – Very helpful with assessment. Special thanks to Jeff the assessor. He was very easy going and made everyone comfortable and relaxed.”

Jacob Rozendal, UK – June 2016

“From the moment I began speaking with the staff at the DUC they have been fantastic. Nikki has been there for me on the phone and via email 24/7. The assessment was very well organised and the assessor, Jeff, was very friendly and made the process a pleasure. I would recommend the DUC to any trades person. They are fantastic!”

Nathan Chapman, UK – June 2016

“I cannot thank Future Skills high enough! After being let down by another agency. I contacted DUC who thought they might be able to push my application through rapidly, and wow! They pulled it out of the hat! They managed to pull a less than 3-week turnaround from speaking to them to final assessment. Warm, friendly and communicative, I knew exactly where I was at each step, finalising in the assessment day with helpful assessor and positive outcome known before leaving at the end of the day. Thank you so much!!!”

Kayley Arthington , UK – June 2016

“I was very nervous about attending the Practical Assessment due to uncertainty and thinking it was going to be difficult. However, the Assessor was great and explained everything properly. All in all great day and very happy with the result.”

Glen Boyes, UK – June 2016

“The staff and the assessors made the process easy to understand and made all aspects of assessment clear. Thank you very much.”

Gareth Kennedy, UK – June 2016

“Electrician, Future Skills International – Future Skills has been really helpful and gave me a good direction on how to go about becoming an Electrician in Australia. I would recommend Future Skills to anyone that want to emigrate to Australia with the purpose to work as a licensed Trade Skilled Worker.”

Simone Gelormino, UK – June 2016

“Electrician – I had an excellent assessment with Jeff, he was extremely helpful and answered any questions I had. The Down Under Centre has been fantastic as a whole.”

Robert Kennedy, UK – June 2016

“Electrician – I was really pleased with the assessment process. The assessors and staff were very welcoming, which made the whole process less daunting.”

Dave Stanley, UK – June 2016

“I thought the assessment was held in a friendly and helpful manner. All staff were very approachable and accommodating to my needs. I would highly recommend this service”

Dale Campbell, UK – June 2016

“Electrician – Very happy to recommend Future Skills International in helping to gain OTSR. Very helpful and always on hand for queries etc.”

David Saunders, UK – June 2016

“Electrician – I found the skills test to be a great experience and made enjoyable by the friendly nature of our assessor, Jeff. The tests were well varied and the pace was perfect and without time pressures. I’d thoroughly recommend this skill test to anybody looking at moving to Australia as an Electrician.”

Derek Shearer, UK – June 2016

“I was made felt welcome and unlike an assessment at all. Would recommend to other Electricians who are migrating to Australia any day.”

Richard RJ West, UK – June 2016

“No complaints about the electrical skills assessment and the practical I sat. I would 100% recommend”

Shaun Yeo, UK – June 2016

“A very good day all round. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing but both the staff and assessor were excellent and really helped calm me down. Explaining things in a practical sense really helped. I would, without doubt recommend the Down Under Centre to anyone. Thanks to everyone!”

Michael Alderson, UK – June 2016

“Staff all very friendly in every part of the process. I was fairly nervous about the interview but it was made easy by a friendly interview. Helpful in all aspects of the application. Thanks!”

Ben Stanway, UK – June 2016

“Thanks for all your help with the carpentry skills assessment part of the visa process. Today was so relaxed and so much easier and less scary than I worked myself up to expecting it to be. I would highly recommend your company and Nikki in particular for your speedy and professional service

Thanks again!”

Richard Jones, UK – June 2016

“The Down Under Centre were extremely helpful. I did not know half the things that I needed until I spoke to them. They guided me through the whole process of getting an AQF in Glazing. Nikki was the best!”

James Chadwick, UK – May 2016

“I found the service good and helpful, very easy to use, the guys are all helpful and good to talk to. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone”

Michael Gilks, UK – May 2016

Really helpful service from first enquiries at London expo to completion of skills assessment. Very easy to get in touch with and lots of services available or referrals to the appropriate service. We would definitel recommend the Down Under Centre to others thinking of making the move to Australia!”

Oliver and Eli Jones, UK – May 2016

“Brilliant service from start to finish. Information gathering was done efficiently ensuring all documents were submitted on time. Help was available at every stage of the process. All staff were very helpful and knowledgable. Very professional company, I would recommend using them again”

Garry Scrivens, UK – May 2016

“I found your services very quick and efficient. Always on hand for any questions that you need help with”

Neil O’Sullivan, UK – May 2016

“So helpful! Very good service, really pleased with Nikki and Peter because they helped me so much. BIG THANKS”

James Birch, UK – May 2016

“Made to feel very relaxed. My technical interview was so much easier than I thought, with the help of the Down Under Centre team”

James Boys, UK – May 2016

“Brilliant service! Quick, easy and helpful from start to finish. The Down Under Centre were always there to answer questions and give great advice.”

Kyle Gould, UK – May 2016

“Well Nikki and the guys at The Down Under Centre have been so helpful and informative from the start of my AQF III process. They have made this process less stressful than I would have imagined. Thanks Guys”

Adam McCann – Taylor Hampton client , UK – May 2016

“The Down Under Centre have been great from start to finish. They have been extremely helpful throughout and made me feel totally relaxed for the Technical Interview for my carpentry skills assessment”

Elliot White, UK – May 2016

“A very smooth process from start to finish, for my cabinet making skills assessment”

Matthew Howard, UK – Apr 2016

“The Down Under Centre staff were really friendly and really good help with my carpentry skills assessment. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend them to anyone”

Ashley East – Destination Oz, UK – Apr 2016

“I had my Technical skype interview for my AQF III in wall and ceiling lining today, and I was made to feel relaxed with no pressure. The assessor was great and provided me with lots of info on my trade in Australia”

Darren Brunning – Poms Wanting Oz, UK – Apr 2016

“I was very pleased with the service and the people involved were very helpful with getting my joinery skills assessment. It has gone very smooth and well”

Chris West, UK – APR 2016

“I found the Technical Interview to be alot more informal than I thought it was going to be. My Assessor, Abdul, was very polite and friendly and really made me feel at east. I thought it went really well and all the staff helped me with the process of getting my cabinet making skills assessment”

William Olner, UK – Apr 2016

“Came down for a Technical Interview. All the staff were really friendly and helpful on the day. Great service”

John Fennell – Go Matilda client, UK – Apr 2016

“The Down Under Centre were fantastic with me. They helped me a lot and just made the process for getting my carpentry skills assessment and made it enjoyable and easy. The staff and everyone involved are very friendly and helpful and they were very welcoming when I visited the Centre to sit my Technical Interview. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but the Down Under Centre for anyone thinking of migrating to Australia”

Michael Keating, UK – Apr 2016

“I’m very impressed with the service from the Down Under Centre team. You all have been very helpful and professional. Thanks!

Luke Galloway, UK – APR 2016

“From calling the Down Under Centre to enquire for my Bricklaying Skills Assessment to sitting my Technical Skype Interview(5 weeks), the team at the Down Under Centre have been on hand at all stages to help me through the process. Would 100% recommend to anybody needing the service.”

David Coates, UK – Mar 2016

“Nikki was my advisor for my Toolmaker Skills Assessment. She was always on hand with my documentary assessement whenever I pestered her most days. I would definitely recommend the Down Under Centre!”

Richard Jones, UK – Mar 2016

“From the first point of contacting the Down Under Centre, the information given is very specific and helpful for the path that suits you. Wes and his team made us feel very confident and important as I am sure they would with all their clients. They went above and beyond to help us with the Carpentry Skills Assessment. We would highly recommend their services. We would like to thank the Down Under Centre for the very good platform to work on. – Troy & Laura”

Troy Marshall, UK – Mar 2016

“Hey Wes!

Hope you and Nikki are good.

Me and Emily came to you back in August so I could do my skills assessment. We were working with Migration Specialists for our Visa, and we are super happy to say that we were granted our 189 visas yesterday!

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys there, we definitely could not have done without your help and then Sammy’s. It’s all been made so easy for us thanks to all of you and now, finally we have what we’ve talked about for the last 5 years turned into reality in just 6/7 months!

Everyone at the Down Under Centre and Migration Specialists has been so helpful, always got back to us ASAP and kept us up to date with the whole process.

Our flights are now booked and we leave on the 16th March and fly into Brisbane to spend some time on the Gold Coast with Emily’s Family! Thanks again for everything, it was a pretty sleepless night last night and we are still buzzing from the news haha!”

Sam and Emily Merrell UK – Mar 2016

I was put in touch with The Down Under Centre through our migration agent Emergico who highly recommended them for my Carpentry Skills Assessment. Nikki and Wes were soon in touch to introduce themselves and explained the process which I found reassuring.
Nikki confirmed our discussion with a follow up email which included all the documentation we were to gather.
During the correspondence that followed the staff at DUC offered sound advice and helped us through the process.
The next stage was to attend a Skype interview at DUC in London. Straight away we were made to feel welcome and the assurance instantly put me at ease.
I would not hesitate to recommend the friendly bunch at the DUC for the skills assessment part of your immigration process.”

Krishan Stephenson, UK – Feb 2016

“I spent the morning at the Down Under Centre today to sit my Technical Skills interview for my Carpentry Skills Assessment. The staff here were amazing and did all they could to help me with the process. Thanks”

Matthew Brown, UK – Feb 2016

“The Down Under Centre took us through the Trades Skills Assessment with ease. Always available through phone or email. Very friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended, thank you!!”

Neil Turner, UK – Feb 2016

“I would strongly recommend the Down Under Centre. All the staff were extremely helpful, with all emails and phone calls answered promptly and completed my AQF III as a Roof Tiler in under 3 months. Thanks for all your help and advice so far”

Barry Tye, UK – Feb 2016

“Visited the Down Under Centre for my Skills Assessment in Solid Plastering. Excellent service and made to feel at ease for my Technical Skype Interview. The staff are very friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of moving to Australia. They also helped with services such as removals, pet transfers and more. Wes, Nikki and staff made me feel very welcome and I appreciate all that they have done to help me get through my Trades Skills Assessment. Thanks – Glynn and Mandy

“Glynn Rodgers, UK – Feb 2016

“Really friendly centre and Richard makes it feel relaxed and fun. Love the decoration of the training room, good old ozzy style!

It was a g’day mate!

“Ian Kellow, UK – Jan 2016

“Quite a lot of information required for evidence, however the Down Under Centre make it very easy to understand with a step by step guide of what’s required. Karri was very good at answering any question I had on my pack or the process. The Electrical Practical Asessment went really well. I was nervous when I arrived but the relaxed, informal attitude soon sets your mind at ease. Great staff report and would highly recommend the Down Under Centre if you are someone looking to get your Electrical Skills Assessment for migration to Australia”

Ralph Whiddett, UK – Jan 2016

“The Electrical Practical Assessment went really well. I was made to feel at ease. All the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. The assessor was brilliant and very helpful too. I would recommend The Down Under Centre to anyone looking to get their Skills Assessment in order to move to Australia”

Karl Griffiths, UK – Jan 2016

“Thank you very much for running my offshore assessment and helping me gain my Skills Assessment as an Electrician. I found you all to be very friendly and calmed my nerves with copious amounts of coffee. Cheers guys!”

Chris Wright, UK – Jan 2016

“From the start, really relaxed environment. Richard, the assessor, made the Electrical Practical Assessment relevant and I was given help when I got stuck. It was a long but worth it in the long run as I would gain my Electrician Skills Assessment.”

Andy Noble, UK – Jan 2016