Carpenter Skills Assessment Australia

If you are a Carpenter moving to Australia, you will need to complete the mandatory Carpentry Skills Assessment to emigrate to Australia. The Down Under Centre is proud to work closely with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Approved Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to facilitate their Technical Skype interviews and work with clients to ensure that they are ready for their Carpentry skills assessment for Australia.

The Carpenter ANZSCO Code is 331212.

On completion of the Carpenter skills assessment you will be issued with your Australian Certificate III in Carpentry. This will be invaluable for employment for Carpenters emigrating to Australia.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for Carpenters emigrating to Australia.

If you would like to see if you are eligible for a Skilled Visa, use our free visa points calculator and our Migration Consultants will be happy to advise on your options. You can also call us on 0203 376 1555 to speak with Wes Zandt who can discuss the Carpenter skills assessment with you.

The Down Under Centre specialises in working with you to get the Australia skills assessment for Carpenters. We work with Carpenters moving to Australia to ensure that their Carpentry skills assessment application is perfect prior to submission to the assessing body.

Find out more about our Agency Service for Carpenters who want to migrate to Australia.

Process for Carpenter skills assessment Australia

The Carpenter skills assessment process is broken up into two stages. Carpentry is not a licensed trade but many employers insist you hold your Australian Carpenter Qualification for registration and insurance purposes. It’s also important to know that each state and territory in Australia has different regulations and if you require a builders license you will need to obtain a Certificate III in Carpentry prior to applying for your builders License.

1. Documentary Assessment for Carpenter skills assessment Australia $1,280

In short, you are required to prove you are a Carpenter and have the necessary skills to work as a Carpenter in Australia.

  • If you hold trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 3 years’ work experience.
  • If you don’t have trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 5 years’ work experience.

You will also need to prove that you have worked as a Carpenter for a minimum of 12 months out of the last 36 months. Work experience as a Carpenter will need to be proved via pay slips, invoices, bank statements, statements of service and more. You also need to make sure you supply at least 20 photos of your carpentry work.

Down Under Centre Agency Service £550 + VAT

It is very important to remember that most of your evidence gathering for your Carpenter skills assessment is also required for your visa. The Down Under Centre can provide you with an agency service £550 + VAT to assist you with the gathering of your documentation for your Carpenter skills assessment, as it is considered to be the most difficult stage of your visa application. The Down Under Centre will also be able to advise how many years of work experience will be required to give you maximum points for your visa to migrate to Australia as a Carpenter. Please call us on 0203 376 1555 to enquire about our agency service and how it can specifically help you.

3. Technical Skype Interview for Carpenter skills assessment Australia $2,000

The final part of your Carpenter skills assessment is a technical Skype interview. Here you will be required to come to our London venue The Down Under Centre based conveniently next to Ealing Broadway underground station Alternatively you can choose to carry out your technical Skype interview at a venue in Scotland.

We will organise an Australian qualified carpenter who is also an Australian qualified trainer and assessor in carpentry to discuss your stage two application with you and your everyday working life as a carpenter. This is why it’s very important that you have provided the assessing body and their assessor with a complete application. Please note that if the assessor feels that you do not have the necessary skills to work in Australia as a qualified carpenter he will ask you to provide further information which will be at your cost. The Down Under Centre have never had a client that has required a site visit as yet as we work closely with them to ensure that this does not need to happen. The assessors understand that you may be nervous, they will discuss your application with you in a calm manner in a relaxed environment and do all they can to assist you and put you at ease.

Testimonials from our Carpenters emigrating to Australia

“5 Stars! – It was a pleasure to use Down Under Centre to obtain the equivalent qualification I have here in the UK to an Australian qualification. I worked closely with Nikki who was friendly and helpful, and helped me step by step through this. The process was actually quite easy really. When I arrived for my technical interview I received a warm welcome, I was still nervous though. All the work up for nothing. The assessor was easy to talk to which made me feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend using the Down Under Centre and would like to say a big thank you to Nikki and the team.” – Matthew Kemp

Free Visa Points Calculator for Carpenters to Australia

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Carpenters in Australia

Carpentry in Australia is a very well respected trade. There is a need for carpenters as Australia has a growing economy and an ageing population. In Australia carpenters need to complete a four year apprenticeship to obtain their certificate III in carpentry. (Carpenter ANZSCO Code 331212)

Carpenters complete tasks in domestic, commercial or industrial work places. Carpenters also maintain buildings ranging in size of all sorts. Most commonly carpenters will work on a building site. Carpenters construct, install and repair wooden and metal structures and erect buildings. They are required on mine sites and power stations and in cities to build high rises, flats and more.

To work as a Carpenter in Australia you will be required to work in roofing aspects including truss roofs, flat roofs and pitched roofs. You will need to be able to complete all first and second fix work including hanging doors, fixing frames around windows and doors and building kitchen and bathroom units.

Carpenters in Australia need to be able to complete flooring tasks, bearers and joists, laying timber floors and preparing sub floors. Carpenters are required for setting out new buildings and therefore need to know how to measure and plan out jobs. Most Australian employers would expect carpenters to be able to calculate and order the correct amount of materials required for a specific job.

Carpenters in Australia need to work with carpentry tools both hand and explosive, including circular saws, ban saws, nail guns, jigsaws, hammer drills, plunge saws, sanders. It is obviously important that all carpenters can level and finish work to a high standard. As a carpenter in Australia you will be required to work at heights and know how to use scaffolding safely.

Many if not all of the tasks specified are what you have or are already completing on a day to day basis in the UK.

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Carpentry jobs in Australia

There is currently work in Australia for Carpenters. Employers hire Carpenters migrating to Australia via our DUC Employment Hub is a tool that connects migrants to employers in Australia as well as providing you with a relocation hub to make your journey to Australia smoother.

Posted jobs for Carpenters in Australia via DUC Employment Hub:

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Salary: $75,000 and great sub-contractor rates
Carpenters wanted with Roofing and 1st and 2nd fix experience.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Salary: TBC
The successful applicant will have the following attributes:
• Trade Qualification
• Working Rights in Australia
• Australian White Card
• Employment Working with Children’s Check
• Experience delivering commercial projects
• Follow blueprints and building plans.
• Measure cut and shape wood, plastic and other materials.
• Install structures and fixtures.
• Strong safety focus and sound knowledge and adherence to OH&S practices.
• Current Driver’s License (International is acceptable)
• Elevating Work Platform (EWP)

Location: Melbourne VIC & Sydney NSW
Salary: $45 per hour
This employer is wanting Carpenters now and over the next few months to work in Sydney & Melbourne. Good rates of pay.
• Must be in Australia and have the right to work.
• White Card essential
• PPE and tools can be rented from the client at a small cost whilst you are awaiting your tools to arrive.
• If you require a UTE, caddie or a car this too can be rented from them.
• An ideal opportunity to work, with tools and have a Vehicle.
• ABN or PTY required, however, if you do not have these then you will employed casually.

Carpenters emigrating to Australia FAQs

If you want to move to Australia as a Carpenter on a skilled (points based) visa you are required to complete the Carpentry skills assessment.

The skill assessing regulator for a Carpenter is TRA (Trades Recognition Australia). TRA have selected RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) that deliver the Carpentry skills assessment for migration to Australia.

The Carpentry skills assessment is a 2-step process; you need to prove to the assessor that you have the necessary skills as a Carpenter.

The first stage is paper based, proving your skills as a Carpenter through detailed statements from employers detailing your Carpentry duties, pay and tax details for when you were working as a Carpenter, detailed CV showing all training and work experience as a Carpenter, photos of your completed Carpentry skills, videos displaying your Carpentry expertise and your Carpentry qualifications.

The second stage is a technical interview with an Australian qualified Carpenter who is also a qualified trainer and assessor; this is a relaxed chat over Skype or Zoom where you have a one-to-one with our Australian Carpenter Assessor.  

Ideally, you want to have completed an Apprenticeship as a Carpenter and hold an NVQ Level 3 in Carpentry. Along with this, you would need 3 years of paid work experience as a Carpenter. However, if you don’t have any Carpentry qualifications, you can still get a positive skills assessment as a Carpenter provided you have a minimum of 5 years’ paid work experience as a Carpenter.

The cost of the skills assessment for a Carpenter is dictated by TRA; you pay them directly. The cost for the Documentary Assessment is $1,280 and for the Technical Interview the cost is $2,000.

A skills assessment is required so you, the migrant, can apply for a visa to Australia.  The skills assessment is the way Australian Immigration can confirm that you are a Carpenter, and have the relevant Carpentry skills to match the Australian guidelines. 

Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) is an approved TRA assessing body; they have an office in the Down Under Centre and can be contacted on 0203 780 2437

The DUC collaborates with Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) to deliver the Carpenter skills assessment for migration to Australia. We know exactly what is required and offer an Agency service to assist with that skills assessment. The DUC Agency Fee is £550 + VAT.

What’s included in that Agency Fee?

You will receive a unique login to the DUC Client Portal which explains everything you need to provide, giving templates and precise details on what to gather and how to gather it. For many this is the hardest part of the process but is key to a successful application; we know what is required because the DUC Skills Team work closely with the assessing body. We have been part of the Carpenter skills assessment process for 8+ years. The DUC Skills Team will lodge your application and liaise with the assessing body.

Telephone assistance Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm – and even out-of-hours by arrangement. We have staff specifically dedicated to working with Carpenters, so you’ll always be working with the same person. 

As a DUC client you also have access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can get expert help from other DUC Carpenters who can give you an insight into the content of the technical interview.  You can chat with other DUC clients, who may be at different stages of the process, for their guidance on the English test, skills process and the practicalities of moving to Australia.  The DUC Visa Team post relevant updates as they happen.

We will also provide information on the various English tests available, the various scoring systems and even provide a 10% discount code for the PTE Pearson Academic test.

You, will receive FREE access to the DUC Employment Hub (and your partner, if applicable) – a tool that connects migrants to employers and provides invaluable assistance with your relocation.  You will receive a 1-hour consultation with a relocation expert who has migrated themselves. This consultation will introduce you to our service provider partners who can save you money on your move. See how the DUC EH works.

The Down Under Centre are very proud to be working with a recognised TRA Carpentry skills assessment provider. We have many years’ experience of working with Carpenters, have developed software to assist with the process, and have the staff to hold your hand throughout the Carpentry skills assessment process.

You also get the opportunity to speak with other Carpenters who have gone through the Carpentry skills assessment process via our exclusive Facebook Group.

Migrating to Australia as a Carpenter has its challenges and you, the migrant, will have plenty of questions. We know the answers and are always available to answer any of your questions.

Your TRA Carpenter skills assessment is valid for 3 years from the date the skills assessment is issued.  This means you need to have received your Invitation to Apply for the Visa before the 3 years is up.

As part of the Carpentry skills assessment you will receive an Australian Certificate III in Carpentry.  This is a qualification that will help when looking for work as a Carpenter in Australia and has no expiry date.

Getting a job as a Carpenter in Australia will depend on the current job market; most states of Australia are screaming out for Carpenters.

Upon completion of your Australian Carpentry skills assessment you will receive your Australian Certificate III in Carpentry which is required to obtain the relevant registration and licenses you need for whichever state of Australia you migrate to.

The Down Under Centre works with many Australian Carpentry employers who want English speaking, skilled migrants.  Employers hire Carpenters moving to Australia via our DUC Employment Hub. The DUC Employment Hub will also explain how Carpenters can prepare for their move to Australia. The DUC Employment Hub has a section that explains what each state requires for Carpenters to apply for their Australian Carpentry registration.

Our Relocation Team in Australia can also help Carpenters with employment opportunities.

Carpenters do usually need to complete and English test when emigrating to Australia, to generate points towards the visa application.

If you are a Carpenter hoping to migrate to Australia, you need to be between 18 and 45 years old. However at age 18, Carpenters will not have yet achieved the necessary qualifications and experience to prove their competence. Carpenters between the ages of 25-32 years old generate the maximum points for age towards their visa application.

Yes, we can. First, complete our free visa points calculator. We’ll contact you to determine your eligibility for migrating to Australia and explain the Australian visa process.

With a passport from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand you automatically add 5 points to your partner’s application. If you completed the Carpentry skills assessment for Australia (and are under 45 years of age) this would add 10 points. 

You would also benefit from the Certificate III in Carpentry which will benefit when applying for a job as a Carpenter in Australia.

Applying for a skills assessment as a Carpenter to migrate to Australia does not necessarily require a qualification; this is dependent upon the country of your passport. 

The Down Under Centre has access to Australia’s Country Education Profiles and can confirm if your qualifications will be recognised so you can complete your Carpentry skills assessment and obtain a visa to work in Australia as a Carpenter.

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