English Test Tuition

If you’re looking to move to Australia, New Zealand or Canada, and need that extra help to pass the English test, you might want to consider taking up English Test Tuition with our English Tutors.

Lessons cost: £50 + VAT per hour. (£40 + VAT if you are a DUC Client)
Bundle offer: 3 lessons for £135 + VAT (£110 + VAT if you are a DUC Client)
If you are a DUC Client, please contact us for the discount codes at info@downundercentre.com.

Lessons are done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom and can be conducted on weekends or through the week; mornings, afternoons or evenings, depending on your requirements. They can help you to prepare for the following tests:

  • IELTS General
  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic

“Hello Jeremy,
I just wanted to let you know I took the PTE test the other day and passed it! Thank you for your help. I really improved, especially on the writing. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Karl Coe – November 2023

Meet our English Tutors

Fife Massey

Fife Massey has been teaching and examining IELTS for 20 years, and more recently assisting students with PTE Academic exam preparation. As a dual national, she has spent many years in both Australia and the UK.

Fife likes to use a diagnostic approach to teaching the English tests. This helps her to identify specific exam tasks that you find most challenging, and focus on strategies that will help you to overcome these difficulties and achieve the score you require.

Feel free to contact Fife at fife.massey@downundercentre.com.

Jeremy Lamaison

Jeremy has been preparing individuals for IELTS and the PTE Academic exam as well as teaching English in schools, universities and companies in several countries over the last 35 years. He was born and educated in England and has lived in both Italy and Turkey for many years.

Because everyone has a different set of needs and skills, Jeremy’s approach is to prepare “tailor-made” lessons to focus on effective strategies that will enable you reach the score you need.

Feel free to contact Jeremy at jeremy.lamaison@downundercentre.com.

Looking to sit the PTE Academic Test?

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