English Test Tuition

If you’re looking to move to Australia, New Zealand or Canada, and need that extra help to pass the English test, you might want to consider taking up English Test Tuition with our English Tutors.

Lessons cost: £50 + VAT per hour. (£40 + VAT if you are a DUC Client)
Bundle offer: 3 lessons for £135 + VAT (£110 + VAT if you are a DUC Client)
If you are a DUC Client, please contact us for the discount codes at info@downundercentre.com.

Lessons are done via Zoom or Skype and can be conducted on weekends or through the week; mornings, afternoons or evenings, depending on your requirements. They can help you to prepare for the following tests:

  • IELTS General
  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic

Meet our English Tutors

Fife Massey

Fife Massey has been teaching and examining IELTS for 20 years, and more recently assisting students with PTE Academic exam preparation. As a dual national, she has spent many years in both Australia and the UK.

Fife likes to use a diagnostic approach to teaching the English tests. This helps her to identify specific exam tasks that you find most challenging, and focus on strategies that will help you to overcome these difficulties and achieve the score you require.

Feel free to contact Fife at fife.massey@downundercentre.com.

Sean Stephen

Sean is an English Tutor specialising in IELTS General, IELTS Academic and PTE Academic test preparation. He has taught English for many years both abroad and at his home in South Africa, where he focussed on a range of needs from business English and academic writing to preparation for English exams.

Sean will look at where you need to improve the most, prioritising your weaknesses and finding methods for answering tasks that meet the marking criteria needed for your required score. He will get right down to where you need to improve, and he’ll guide you through how to do it, step by step.

Feel free to contact Sean at sean.stephen@downundercentre.com

English Tuition Testimonials

"I'm due to take the IELTS at the end of the month and booked a block of 3 lessons with Fife. Fife has really helped identify problem areas, especially in writing that would drop my band significantly, had she not pointed these out to me.

I definitely feel so much more confident now, and practising the speaking test with Fife, has made such a difference. I know it seems another cost to add to the migration journey, but it really is worth it!"

Sarah Jane - November 2021

"Having completed 4 IELTS tests already, I was struggling with the writing section. I just couldn't get the 7  required. Having spent hours on online training and completing practice tests, I found these were not working for me.

I contacted Shelley at the DUC and booked 3 lessons. She really settled my nerves and helped me pin point where I was making simple errors. The lessons are well planned, well explained and very clear. I wish I used Shelley a few tests before and saved a lot of money!"

Ben Green - August 2021

"For anybody who hasn’t virtually met Shelley, she is the PTE specialist/guru working with the DUC to help clients with their exam. My partner had found the exam a real challenge, and after missing out over a couple of points, was definitely disheartened. After some discussion (me just booking in with Shelley!) he did 3 sessions with Shelley, who took his previous test score, looked at the areas he needed more help with, and worked on them during the zooms and with homework between sessions (20mins max). Today we got the email we’d waited for, he passed with the points we need to submit our EOI when the time comes. Beyond proud of him because despite what people say, this is NOT an easy test for everyone, and from hearing what the sessions include, it’s also about knowing the right formula to pass. If you’re on the fence about booking in for a session or the bundle…do it! You really won’t regret it."

Zoe Brown - July 2021

"Shaun had a tutoring session will Shelley so she could look at his scores and guide him on what needed to change. Since then, he has been practicing essays from the prompt questions twice a week with me looking over them to see if I could spot any errors, and you’ll never guess what - all his hard work paid off today and he got the 20 points! Advice, if you’re struggling with it, carry on, pay for the mock tests and book in with Shelley for a tutoring session… You can do it!"

Rachael Mason - July 2021

"Shelley was able to guide me in the right direction with specific questions that we knew needed work to get those extra points needed. Understanding how to answer questions in the exam is one of, if not the most important step, and she certainly helped with this. If it wasn't for Shelley, I likely wouldn't have got the 20 points and nearly 100% in the exam, so thanks Shelley!"

Calum Maccoll - June 2021

"When I was revising for my PTE, I was struggling to see consistent results - I had decided to sit the PTE Academic test with revision only coming from YouTube videos and mock test apps on my phone. On my first go at sitting the test I was annoyingly a few marks off what I needed in the writing section (I was aiming to get the full 20 points), so to try and avoid this happening again I decided to book a session with Shelley to specifically improve my writing.

Shelley was very good in identifying where I was falling short as she had set me some homework prior to my lesson. She provided me with excellent tips and tricks and a clear structure to go into my next PTE test with and thanks to Shelley’s great help in the session we had, I achieved over 79 on all sections on my second go. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sit the PTE Academic test."

Ben Horner - June 2021

"Following two failed attempts at the PTE English exam, Shelley was recommended to me via the DUC. We met a couple of times using Zoom, going over practice questions on my weak areas. Following this support I passed the next exam, gaining the score required for my visa application.

I would strongly recommend tuition sessions with Shelley as it is a fast paced exam, and she can show you different learning techniques to better prepare yourself. Knowing how to answer each section takes the stress out of the exam."

Louis Stimson - June 2021

"A massive thanks to Shelley. I struggled with my IELTS exam, particularly the writing section. I had 4 lessons with Shelley and have finally passed! The support was outstanding and could not have passed this without her professional guidance. Very approachable and friendly. The lessons were tailored to suit my needs and would recommend her services to anyone."

Steve Doughty - June 2021

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