Australian Visas

The Down Under Centre can assist you with your Australian visa application. For a visa consultation to explore your options for Australian visas, please call our UK office on 0203 376 1555 or email us at

The DUC has a team of skilled, experienced staff members who give valuable advice and partake in processing client documentation.

As and when required, dependent on the specifics of the visa application, the DUC draws upon the expertise of our reputable migration agents who, on appointment, work under their MARA code applicable to Australian migration law.

MARA number 1683343

Migration Agents Code of Conduct

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Jobs in Australia

The DUC Employment Hub is a tool that connects migrants to employers in Australia. Find work prior to your arrival in Australia and save on relocation costs with access to our Relocation Hub!


“We owe a huge thanks to Jenny and the rest of DUC for getting us to where we are. We started the process over 3 years ago (with really no idea) and finally gave in to the DUC only a few months ago. Since then we’ve been granted our visa, I’ve got a job offer, and today we’ve just had our travel exemption approved! Now looking at flights for July and I can’t believe it. I hope everyone else’s time comes soon. Keep the faith”

Zoe Coton – May 2021

“Thanks very much for everything Jenny! You have been so wonderful to work with.” (Australian Partner visa 100 granted)

Paul James – May 2021

“Thanks for all your help over the last 3 years Jenny, we are finally legal with a possible path to permanent residency in Australia! Give my regards to everyone at the DUC Thanks again!” (482 visa granted)

Martin Henderson – April 2021

“Professional, supportive and well informed. We were able to get through the complications of a spouse visa for Australia due to COVID-19 from UK to Australia, with the expert advice and visa management by Jenny of DUC. Absolutely recommend, clearly an expert and professional team!! Thanks! Would absolutely recommend DUC for Oz immigration, clearly 5 star service in our experience.”

Barry & Joan Walker – April 2021

“Many thanks for everything you’ve done, Jenny, for our Partner visa to Australia. We have been very happy with the service.”

Matthew Hill – April 2021

“A few days before Christmas, driving along in the bloody rain, my husband said ‘What do you think about finally going to Australia?’ (Something we’ve thought of for years, but always considering the kids ages and missing family) and I said ‘Yeah, sounds like a nice idea!’ (Not really taking him seriously). Spoke to Wes on 27th December 2020 and almost 3 months later, to the day, Lewis has completed his Australian skills assessment and English test and our EOI for Tasmania went in this morning! Huge thanks to Wes, Mars and Jenny for getting us this far! Now the wait begins….”

Lewis & Laura Arnold – March 2021

Hi Jenny. Before you, I spoke with 4 other agents and you was definitely the best. The most keen to advise, competent, approachable and kind. And the reviews of DUC and your own are impressive! I just made first payment by calling the London office as you advised. I am very glad you are keen to help me and my fiancée. Thank you very much!

Dariusz Sipowski – January 2021

“Made to feel really welcome from the start. Very well organised making the assessment stress free. Couldn’t recommend the Down Under Centre enough. They’ve been so helpful from the very beginning, very friendly atmosphere.”

Daniel Hopkinson – January 2021

“Thanks heaps for your help Jenny, for our Australian Partner visa. Having your help reduced the stress big time so will certainly also recommend the Down Under Centre at any opportunity.”

Roz & Sara – January 2021

“I’ve been buzzing all day since your call and haven’t been able to get any work done! I think having my Australian visa granted is a good excuse to take a day off though! Thanks again for all of your amazing help Jenny. You and the whole team at DUC have been amazing and made the whole journey as smooth and easy as possible.”

Brendan Granger – January 2021