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Australian Migration Webinar - November 2018

Meeting Starts: Tuesday 06th November 2018 - 19:30pm

AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION WEBINAR Join us online for a free source of information for visas and jobs in Australia. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!   WHAT IS A WEBINAR? A webinar is just like a seminar, but conducted via the internet! Attending webinars can be easy and fun, not only can you join from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll be offered expert migration advice and assistance from a variety of industry partners to help you get through all...

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“My husband and I watched you on the webinar and was very impressed with your knowledge.” 

Sally Wood

“Very informative session in webinar, thanks!”

Tony McSweeney

“I really enjoy the webinars, they cover a range of topics from Nursing to all different kinds of trades and healthcare advice. All the presenters and organisers are on hand to offer help and guidance when needed, It was great that I was able to engage with other members to find out their experiences in the visa process. For anyone who has not attended a webinar, this is a must if you are intending on getting first-hand information from experts on emigrating to Australia!!”

Tien Pham