Migrating to New Zealand

With its booming economy and remarkable performance in all Human Development parameters, New Zealand has continuously proven itself as one of the finest migration destinations in the world, where professional growth and work-life balance go hand-in-hand. New Zealand, undeniably, promises the best of country and city life, with its mesmerizing landscapes and beaches, amidst an infinite pool of opportunities.

Recently released reports suggest that New Zealand has consistently ranked as one of the top countries in all Human Development Indices, No.1 in the Corruption Perception Index, No. 8 in the World Happiness Report, and No.4 in United Nation’s Education Index.

Get advice to migrate to New Zealand!

We work with the friendly team of licensed advisers at New Zealand Shores for NZ immigration advice. Based in New Zealand (Hamilton and Nelson), they are one of the largest and most reputable immigration agencies in New Zealand.

They pride themselves in providing a personalised consultancy service and like us, they value client satisfaction above all else, and they will help you and your family achieve your relocation goals.

Email: info@newzealandshores.com
UK number: 0203 608 0481
NZ number: +64 7 929 2280

The internet is where most people start researching their move to New Zealand and if you do this you will soon find that a job offer is usually needed before you can apply for a visa. However a job offer is hard to secure because you don’t have a visa that allows you to work in NZ yet.

Then you go round in circles, nothing happens and many people eventually give up.

The good news is hundreds of thousands of people do secure job offers and move to New Zealand every year. So your starting point needs to be to find out exactly what your visa options are, your employment prospects and how you can put yourself forward in the best way so that employers will be interested in hiring you.

How to get a job offer

This is the most difficult and frustrating part in the immigration process. It is also the part that take the longest with most people taking anywhere from a few months to a few years to secure a job offer that allows them to apply for a visa.

The Key to securing a job offer is to remove the barriers that exist between you and the employers and recruiters in New Zealand. The best way to do that is to use a New Zealand based immigration service who provide employment support.

You need to prove to employers that you are 100% committed, eligible for a visa, ready to move and have support to make sure the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible if they offer you a role.

Hiring people from offshore is a big risk for an employer and we focus on removing the barriers for them as much as for the hundreds of skilled people we move to NZ every year.

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