DUC Employment Hub

Connecting job ready candidates with employers

The DUC Employment Hub is a tool that connects migrants to employers. There are plenty of migrants in the visa process, waiting for a visa grant or already have their visa.  Every one of those will need a job. In Australia and New Zealand, there are employers requiring those migrants. The DUC Employment Hub matches them up.

Migrants also need to set up their tax file number, sort banking, move their possessions, organise schools, find temporary accommodation, etc. The DUC Employment Hub helps with all of that ….and more!

You do not have to be using the Down Under Centre for your skills and/or visa processing, (although we’re very happy to assist if you need us) to use the DUC Employment Hub. You just need to be eligible for a visa with work rights.

We are the one-stop centre for all your migration needs. Over the past 5 years the Down Under Centre (DUC) has built the biggest brand for migration in the UK, working directly with skill assessing bodies, relocation experts and employers.

Once signed up to the DUC Employment Hub, you create your own personal profile page and upload your CV, qualifications, and evidence of work experience such as references, photos and videos, which you allow employers to view. They can follow you as you progress through the visa process and you can secure a position ready to start as soon as you arrive.

The DUC Employment Hub also provides access to those all-important services such as removals and banks, as well as providing the relevant information for licences, registrations, tax files numbers, etc.  It also includes a Relocation Hub with masses of information to make your move smoother.