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How to become a Licensed Electrician in NSW, Australia

Electricians are a Licensed trade in Australia. To work as an Electrician in Australia, there are some things you need to obtain to become a fully Licensed Electrician in Australia.

1. Get your Electrician Offshore Technical Skills Record

If you are an Electrician migrating to Australia, you need to obtain your Electrical skills assessment and Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). The Electrician skills assessment is required for your visa application and your OTSR is required to apply for a provisional license to work in Australia as an Electrician. Having a provisional license means you can only work under supervision.

The Down Under Centre assists with the Electrician skills assessment and you can call us on 0203 376 1555 to discuss the process of the skills assessment for moving to Australia.

2. Provisional license to work in NSW Australia as an Electrician

Once you’ve made the move to NSW, you need get your provisional license to work as an Electrician in NSW under supervision, as mentioned above.

Each State and Territory in Australia has different requirements for Electricians in relation to the becoming a licensed Electrician in Australia.

The Electrical regulator for New South Wales is NSW Office of Fair Trading (NSWOFT).

Contact NSW Office of Fair Trading to apply for your Electrical provisional license.

Once you have your provisional licence, you need to find an employer to work for as an Electrician for a minimum of 12 months so that you can start on the Electrical GAP Training.

3. Electrical GAP Training for NSW Australia

The next step to become a licensed Electrician in Australia is undertaking the Minimum Australian Context GAP Training course as an Electrician and you need to find an assessing body to deliver this course. The Down Under Centre works with Australian Trade Training College, who deliver the Minimum Australian Context GAP Training for licensed trades.

This course consists of two parts:

Electrical GAP Training Theory Component

This is 100% online where you need to cover the Electrical units of competency by answering a series of questions.

Electrical GAP Training Practical Skills Demonstration

Each unit also requires practical evidence which can be completed on the job and you can provide photos/videos to prove you undertake the set tasks as an Electrician. These must be signed off by your Electrical employer/supervisor.

The GAP Training is usually over the course of 12 months. The cost of the Electrician GAP Training course is $4,100 in total, paid in three instalments directly to Australian Trade Training College (ATTC).

On completion of the GAP Training, you will be awarded the Completion Certificate for 10809NAT and Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician UEE30811.

4. Apply for your NSW Electrician Licence for Australia

You’ll need to present your documents to Vocational Training Tribunal (VTT) and then to NSW Government Office of Fair Trading in application for your NW Electrical Workers Licence.

Contact the Down Under Centre London office to speak to one of our experts about the GAP Training process on 0203 376 1555.

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