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How to get a job as a Fitter in Australia

Getting a job as a Fitter in Australia can be done from your country of origin. There is a lot of work in Australia for mechanical Fitters. Fitters can work doing repair and maintenance of production machinery.

Australia is huge in the mining areas. We have a need for Fitters who have skills working on large mining machinery. Lots of employers are on the lookout for Fitters with manufacture and fit and replacement skills, maintaining production line equipment, hydraulics, pumps, valves, engines, earthmoving equipment. There are jobs for Fitters in Australia to operate CNC machines, jobs in machining, drilling, milling and hand making fitting components.

The Down Under centre works with many Australian Fitter employers who take on our English speaking skilled migrants. The employers have no hesitation taking on our Australian qualified Fitters moving to Australia by using our DUC Employment Hub. Our Employment Hub will also teach you how to prepare for your move to Australia as a Fitter. You will also receive a skype chat with one of our relocation team.

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