Events and Webinars

The Down Under Centre host and attend migration webinars and events to assist those moving to Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Skilled Migration Webinar

Tuesday 3 November 2020 - 19:30pm Australian Skilled Migration Webinar Learn how to migrate to Australia on Australian Skilled Migration Webinar, a free source of information for Skills Assessment, Visas and Jobs in Australia. Tuesday 3 November 2020 7:30PM UK time We recommend that you register and join the webinar using Google Chrome. Click here to register WHAT IS A WEBINAR? A webinar is just like...

Free New Zealand Migration Webinar

Tuesday 17 November 2020 - 20:00pm NEW ZEALAND MIGRATION WEBINAR If you're moving to New Zealand, join us and find out how to make the dream a reality! Tuesday 17 November 2020 - 8:00PM UK time We recommend that you register and join the webinar using Google Chrome. Click here to register NZ is currently experiencing record levels of immigration and more employers are struggling to...

Australian Migration Relocation Webinar

Tuesday 1 December 2020 - 19:30pm Australian Migration Relocation Webinar Got your Australian visa or in the process and preparing for your big move? On our Australia Migration Relocation Webinars hear from a range of relocation providers who can assist with all aspects of your move. Tuesday 1 December 2020 7:30PM UK time We recommend that you register and join the webinar using Google Chrome. Click...


"Thanks so much guys. That was super informative and was able to take quite a few notes, and everyone was really helpful. Will definitely be joining the next one."

Daniel Robinson - September 2020

"Just to reiterate Saturdays event was well organised, very rewarding and a fantastic opportunity to meet all the Duccers in flesh. Well done to you guys 😊"

Chris Ayrton - February 2020

"The Migration Workshop was great, thank you. I got lots of great information and spoke at length with Dave Wilson about moving to Australia as an Electrician, he also had lots of great things to say about The Down Under Centre."

Jack Riches - February 2020

"The DUC Seminars are perfect. Real advice from professionals, real employers to chat to. The education employer was so helpful and friendly!"

Shannon Davies - October 2018

"We attended a DUC seminar, best thing we have done in the process. Our visa is now lodged and we've had a job offer already! Massive thanks to the DUC team" 

Lee Harding - October 2018

“We cannot thank the DUC enough for all their hard work and support so far. It all started with a small chat at an Oz seminar to make a dream we have had for years actually seem possible. The DUC team have been fantastic, extremely helpful, answering any queries or concerns and always ensuring we were heading in the right direction. Thank you so much!!”

Barry and Kelly Townsend – July 2018

“We’ve been so lucky to find the DUC. They are the only company we found that offers free webinars which gives great advice about making the move to Oz. Their free walk-in centre is amazing if you’re looking for 5* advice!!! We were made to feel so welcome by Wes Zandt and the team and nothing was too much”

Dan and Gabby Hughes – UK – April 2018

“I have known Wes Zandt for a number of years and met him around the time that the Down Under Centre was just starting out and see him now as a personal friend to both my wife and I.

He gave me a lot of helpful advice and guidance to start my family and I on our own personal emigration journey, I was lucky enough to work with Wes Zandt a few years ago so to see the Down Under Centre grow into what it is today is testament to Wes and his teams vision and hard work, what they offer is unique in the UK and a business idea that has helped so many people fulfil their dreams and ambitions to work and live in Australia.

An example of Wes Zandt going the extra mile, was just before we were due to emigrate, he made a special effort to put me in touch with some of his industry contacts so that we were given the best advice for banking and home removal etc, we received a fantastic personal service so thanks again Wes.

I would honestly recommend anyone who is considering temporarily or permanently moving to Australia to use the Down Under Centre, they offer a wealth of services and the team are fully knowledgeable on all aspects of skills assessment and migration. Next time you are in Adelaide Wes I will shout you a beer!"

The Waite Family – Emigrated in December 2017

“A big thank you to the Down Under Centre for the webinar last night. It was fantastic and has made my husband and I feel like you guys will so much (very much needed) support! Very informative.”

Rachael Denley

“Wes and the team at the Down Under Centre have been great for our business. We attended the same Down Under Live event in London and they were able to refer IT candidates to us and likewise, help our candidates that required advice on any and all aspects of moving down under. Their DUC Employment Hub has also been a useful source of candidates for us and I can see that this is only going to get better as time goes on. Further to that, we were able to use an office in their operation at Ealing Broadway, London to interview candidates. The whole experience has been great. Wes and his team have been very helpful, easy to deal with and their operation has been of benefit to our business. We are IT recruitment specialists from Hamilton, New Zealand. Working with The Down Under Centre has been great for all of us.”

Phil Burton – Burton and Associates, Waikato I.T Recruitment

“Great webinars!”

Alex Gordon-Seymour

“Thank you so much for answering some of our questions on the webinar!”

Lewis Dunn

“It was good to catch up with the Down Under Centre on the webinar.”

Simon Goodey

“My husband and I watched you on the webinar and was very impressed with your knowledge.”

Sally Wood

“Very informative session in webinar, thanks!”

Tony McSweeney

“I really enjoy the webinars, they cover a range of topics from Nursing to all different kinds of trades and healthcare advice. All the presenters and organisers are on hand to offer help and guidance when needed, It was great that I was able to engage with other members to find out their experiences in the visa process. For anyone who has not attended a webinar, this is a must if you are intending on getting first-hand information from experts on emigrating to Australia!!”

Tien Pham

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