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Migrating to Australia with the Webber family

Previous clients of the Down Under Centre, the Webber family, tell us about their journey of emigrating to Australia and share some tips to those who are in the process of migrating.

How did you find out about the Down Under Centre?

I managed to track down Jenny Baker who helped us achieve our 489 Visa for Australia previously. We didn’t want to go to anyone else as felt comfortable and confident with her to assist us with the visa application.

How did you find the skills assessment and visa process?

The process of migrating to Australia as a whole can be quite stressful and I wanted updates all the time. But with reassurance from Jenny, she calmed our nerves, and when we did contact her, she was honest and realistic which was great as it made us less anxious.

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Where have you settled in Australia and why did you pick that state?

We visited Melbourne and Perth and decided Perth was the area for us. We felt if we are going to move to the other side of the world, we need to move to a place that is a total change.

We felt Melbourne was built up and the weather there wasn’t enough to convince us to move there. Perth is so open and family friendly, with easy access to the city, beaches and some fantastic schools. We also preferred to move to an area that wasn’t typically full of Poms (no offence at all as I am obviously one). The reason we moved was for change and the area we live in has a mix of residents. We learn each day living amongst the varied cultures. We bought our first home in 2018 and are planning to move again this year to get into the catchment for the high school my eldest goes to. She got accepted into the school through GAT (Gifted and Talented) and so you don’t have to be in the catchment for this.

What tips do you have for our clients moving to Australia?

Be patient, listen and take on board the professional advice and guidance from the DUC team. They are there to support you and be honest. They are not going to give you false hopes, they are realistic and will help in any way possible.

Do your homework and look into all aspects and options of the move in way of areas and employment. It is going to be your dream to make this move. It’s not all plain sailing and there will be many bumps along the way but persist. There will be people/family that you miss which is the hardest thing ever. We have been here just under 4 years, and I miss my parents terribly and Covid-19 hasn’t helped; the not knowing when we can visit again but it will be one day and looking at where we are and what we have is such an achievement.

Is there anything that you would have done differently?

Wished we had moved out here sooner!

How have you found working in Australia compared to the UK?

We moved here and neither of us had jobs. We thought we would both be working full-time/part-time within a couple months but it took Hubby a couple months to have employment but on a casual basis, nothing permanent until around 5-6 months later and I volunteered at the local Op shop for a couple months and then secured a part time job around 7 months after we arrived.

I am now in a job I enjoy, and hubby is happy in his full-time work…we got there in the end, employment doesn’t always fall into your lap and if it does it is not necessarily the job you want to be in in the future. Hubby had his own business in the UK and has had to work his way up from the bottom again, but he is getting there, completing courses to help him along the way.

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What is the best thing about living in Australia compared to the UK?

The weather, the space (In Perth), its more laid back here, our hours of employment are the same, but the start and finish times are easier.

The children have learnt so much at school, we love to have our days out especially the fish and chips or picnic at the beach watching the sunset.

How did your girls cope with the move, have they settled better than you expected?

Honestly…My eldest who was 10 when we moved out struggled for about 2 years, missing family and her best friends. My youngest who was 7 when we moved found good friends almost immediately. It does break your heart seeing them struggle but I was honest, and we spoke a lot about the situation. The girls now have a niece who has just turned 1 and they so want to meet her, we will one day, and they talk to her via WhatsApp video calls.

Because we moved her at the end of August, the girls ended up going to school 2 years below what they should have been in the UK, this was so hard for them and very frustrating but after a few years it has worked out. My eldest now is involved in school clubs and is trying fundamental boxing once a week and the younger is on her 3rd season of Hockey. Both learn Chinese and have come 1st in the states (WA) for the writing competition. My youngest attends the schools running club each week and each term she achieves the distance of a marathon; both have also got into the school’s soccer teams.

What made you want to move to Australia?

I personally visited when I was 17 and knew then I wanted to live here. I met my husband 5 years later and he always knew where I wanted to move to. We both visited Australia together and we made the decision then. It was a big move for hubby as his mums not well and she will be in the same situation for the rest of her life, but he made the decision based on us 4 as a family.

If you don’t try and get here now….it could be too late….don’t be scared, follow your dreams!

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