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What is My Choice Schools?

My Choice Schools is an independent source that empowers parents, teachers and students with the information they need to finding schools in Australia that’s right for them. They use rigorous data analysis from publicly available data to generate statistics on Australian schools. Their mission is to make quality education accessible to all communities by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-access resource of information about Australian schools.

With the help of My Choice Schools, you can narrow down your search for a school that’s right for you and your children. You can also get a more in-depth understanding of how each school is ranked and what makes it so good by reading through each school’s comprehensive profile.

How does My Choice Schools work?

My Choice Schools uses publicly available data from a range of sources to provide parents with the latest up-to-date information on more than 10,000 schools across Australia.

They do so by providing information on school academic performance, student-to-teacher ratios, school facilities, school equity and student and parent reviews. You can search for schools in Australia by region:

If you know where you’re relocating to, you can search schools in the local area! To search all schools in Australia, visit their homepage. They recently just updated their school rankings for 2022!

Search for schools by region, grade level, school type or religion by using their search filters on the left. By default, the results are sorted by My Choice Ranking which takes into account both academic performance and school equity. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, click through to view each school’s profile for more information before deciding whether a school is right for you.

How can My Choice Schools be beneficial to you?

Searching for schools for your children when planning your move to Australia, can be a difficult task. Which is one of the reasons My Choice Schools was created…to help parents find exactly what they’re looking for in a school. My Choice Schools provides all the relevant information needed in one simple location so that families know exactly what to expect when choosing their next school.

Parents know that they want their child to attend an institution with the highest standards of education where their child will excel academically and be given the best opportunities to succeed.

Are you a Teacher looking to relocate to Australia?

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