How to move to Australia as a Carpenter

How to move to Australia as a Carpenter

How to move to Australia as a Carpenter

Migrating to Australia as a Carpenter is a dream fulfilled by many of our clients. We get you there.

To emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter, you can choose to apply for a Skilled Visa. This visa is points-based. Carpenters also have the option to apply for an Employer Sponsored Visa for Australia, and we can assist you throughout the process, if you have an employer willing to sponsor you.

A points-based visa for Carpenters is broken into a few stages. Our advice would be to first complete our Free Visa Points Calculator, and once completed we can identify if you have enough points for a skilled visa and arrange a visa consultation to discuss your results and look at your specific needs.

What will influence the points needed for you to lodge a visa to Australia and work as a Carpenter?

Firstly, you will receive points for your age, your highest qualification, and your work experience as a Carpenter. If you are migrating by yourself, you receive points and if you are being joined by a partner you may be able to generate points by your partner’s passport or if they complete an English test. You also get points for you the carpenter, completing an English test, at a specific level. There are many options regarding accumulation of points, it is easier to speak to us directly when we will guide you through. It does not cost you anything to enquire as we do not charge for consultations.

Once you have identified if you have enough points for a visa, the next step is to look at completing the required Carpenter skills assessment for Australia which is a two-stage process.

Carpenter Skills Assessment for Australia Process

Your first stage is called a Documentary Assessment ($1,280 AUD) where you are required to prove you have the necessary skills to work as a Carpenter in Australia. You are required to prove either your full carpentry qualification and 3 years of paid work experience (so if you are a UK Carpenter and you have your NVQ3 and 3 years of paid work experience you will qualify), or if you have NO qualifications as a carpenter, you are required to prove you have 5 years of paid work experience as a Carpenter. Photos, videos, detailed references, a relevant skills focused CV, pay and tax documents are also required.

The second stage of the Australian skills assessment for Carpenters is the Technical Interview ($2,000 AUD). This is a video call with an Australian qualified carpenter who is also a trainer and assessor. Our assessors are not here to catch you out, they are there to work with you so they can tick the required units of competency. Learn more about Carpenter skills assessment and here is a YouTube video of Wes Zandt explaining the skills assessment process for Carpenters.

It is very important to understand the Carpentry skills assessment is delivered by Australian Trade Training Services (ATTC) who are approved by Trades Recognition Australia to deliver the skills assessments. They have an office in the UK at the Down Under Centre.

Once you have completed your Carpentry skills assessment for Australia, you are now closer to reaching your dream of migrating to Australia as a Carpenter!

Visa process for Carpenters emigrating to Australia

The next stage is completing an Expression of Interest (EOI), this is where you are applying for a particular visa. Visas change and each client has different ways to earn points as mentioned above so best to chat to us first as we don’t want you paying for a skills assessment if you can’t use it for a visa.

The reason you put in an EOI is to receive an Invitation to Apply. This is where Immigration give you 60 days to accept the visa you applied for with your EOI. By accepting the invitation to apply you pay the Government fees. You can see current Australian Visa Government Fees.

Once you have paid the Immigration Visa fees you will be issued a case officer from the Department of Immigration, who will then ask you to complete a medical and police check.

Depending on the visa for which you have applied, there is a different processing time, but once processed you will be granted your Visa to Australia…now you can migrate to Australia as a Carpenter.

Jobs for Carpenters in Australia

The Down Under Centre work with employers, recruiters and labour hire companies so we can help you find work in Australia as a Carpenter; we do this via the DUC Employment Hub, our innovative tool that connects migrants to employers. To strengthen your chances of getting a job as a Carpenter in Australia, having your Full Australian Carpentry Certificate III will be a massive help; this is issued when you successfully complete the Carpentry skills assessment from ATTC. Our employers work with our team in Australia to secure jobs in Australia for Carpenters as our migrating carpenters will arrive with a visa to Australia and their Australian Qualification.

Resume and Cover Letter for Australia

Our experts can also help you be successful in finding jobs in Australia with our Resume and Cover Letter Service.

If you are a Carpenter looking to emigrate to Australia, contact the Down Under Centre and our team of experts can arrange a visa consultation, chat about the skills assessment process to make sure you can migrate to Australia as a Carpenter.  Don’t forget our team in Australia will help you get work in Australia as a Carpenter. Contact us either by calling 0203 376 1555 or email