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Transfer money to Australia with Global Reach Group

Global Reach Group are one of our many expert relocation partners. They help migrants to transfer money to Australia. In this Q&A with Global Reach, get some insight on transferring your money overseas.

Tell us more about Global Reach and who they are? 

Global Reach is an award-winning foreign exchange broker, with over two decades of experience in helping clients effectively manage their overseas money transfers. We want to help our clients get more for their money, by making smarter currency decisions.

We have offices around the globe and support clients in over 50 countries. We’re delighted to hold Feefo’s Platinum Service Award, an independent seal of excellence as voted for by our customers. We’ve helped over 32,000 people transfer their money overseas for property purchases, pensions, salaries and everything in between.

For any queries, please contact Will Hewitson at

When is the best time to transfer money? 

The best time to transfer money is different for everyone and there are a number of factors to consider. Making informed decisions as to when to transfer funds is important as even a couple of digits between an exchange rate can make a significant difference to the amount of currency a client might receive. While it can be difficult to determine the right time, our team of experienced Dealers are on hand to guide clients through the transfer process, discuss their needs and timescales, and help them choose the right time for them to make their transfer.

Our Dealers keep their eyes on the market, so our clients don’t have to. We think it’s important to keep our customers informed and provide regular market news and rate alerts. This means if a positive movement occurs, we can help customers make a transfer right away to capitalise on it.

Is each transfer the same?

There are a number of different reasons why individuals need to make currency transfers. Whether they are sending money abroad for pensions, salaries, a property purchase, or even for their business, we can help. By working with a currency broker like Global Reach clients can consider the best ways to protect their money from market volatility or adverse shifts during the transfer process. They can even lock-in an exchange rate for up to two years—so no matter how the market moves they’ll have security in knowing exactly how much currency they’ll get for their money.

Why use Global Reach and not transfer money via a bank? 

Global Reach are foreign exchange specialists, meaning we specialise in currency alone, unlike other providers who offer currency as a branch of their services, such as a bank.

We recognise that each customer’s need is different, and we can offer clients competitive rates of exchange for on-the-spot transactions, and also help lock in a rate for up to two-years—perfect for property purchases which can sometimes be a lengthy process. Our personalised service and customer satisfaction has won us awards for the last four years in a row.

Our award-winning online platform was designed with clients in mind and allows them to review their transactions and organise their transfers whenever and wherever they are in the world.*

We think it’s important to keep our customers informed and provide regular market news and rate alerts. Our proactive approach to the markets means that we’re ready to move as soon as our clients are.

*Trades will only be authorised during working hours.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of money that a client can transfer, and are there any fees to pay?

There are no fees to pay for clients who are transferring over £3,000 and no maximum amount of money a client can transfer. We’re proud to be able to facilitate large transfers for purchases such as overseas property, as well as helping businesses manage their FX.

Clients who wish to transfer £3,000 or less can do so through our online platform with just a £10 transfer fee, although the amount must be more than £250.

Whether clients move their funds with one of our Dealers by their side, or organise payments via our award-winning online platform, their money will be in safe hands.

Do you have to transfer the total amount in one payment, or can you transfer money in stages? 

When clients utilise a Forward Contract, they have the flexibility to send us a small deposit first and transfer the rest of the funds when they’re ready, at an agreed date later on.

How does Global Reach keep the funds safe? 

Ensuring the safety of client funds is of paramount importance to us and we segregate and safeguard our client funds in accordance with the regulation. We’ve been trading since 2001, and during that time more than 32,000 customers have trusted us to manage their currency transfers.

It’s important our clients feel their money is in safe hands, so we’ve detailed the steps we take to safeguard our customers money in factsheets that our customers can request whenever they’d like.

Why would someone utilise a Forward Contract?

Forward Contracts are often a popular choice for those looking to buy a property abroad, as it allows us to lock-in a rate for up to two years.

If someone is buying a property overseas, it can sometimes be a lengthy process which takes months, so the exchange rate can move significantly in that time. With a Forward Contract, even if the exchange rate shifts dramatically, they’ll still pay the same for their currency and new overseas property.

Can clients keep track of their funds throughout the process? 

Client funds can be tracked throughout the transfer process, and if they have any questions, our support team is on hand to help. Additionally, our online platform which allows clients to view and manage their transfers won Best Forex Payment Technology Solution in 2018.

What is a Market Order?

Market orders are helpful for those trading over £10,000. A Stop-Loss Order allows someone to choose their worst-case rate, and we’ll make the trade automatically should it reach that level in a negative market shift, to save them from further losses. A Limit Order allows them to target a better exchange rate they’d like to transfer at, and if a positive market fluctuation occurs to reach it, the trade will be made automatically to capitalise on the movement.

Are your Dealers on hand to help clients with any questions they may have?

Our Dealers are there for our clients every step of the way, to guide them through the transfer process and answer any questions they have. They ask the right questions to tailor transfers to our clients’ needs and time scales, and help them make the most of their money. We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and the awards we have won thanks to our clients reviews and feedback.

What should someone do if they’re interested in speaking with Global Reach Group?

We’d be delighted to speak to anyone who is considering making a currency transfer to discuss how we can help them make the most of their funds. Speak to our Dealers on +44 (0)20 7989 0000 or get a free, no obligation quote on our website by visiting

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