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Migrate to Australia as a Nurse

Charles and Aiza are Down Under Centre clients, who have now migrated to Australia as Nurses. We assist Nurses with the Skills Assessment and Visa application. You can contact us on 0203 376 1555 for a consultation. Read about Charles and Aiza’s migration journey down under!

How did you find out about the DUC?

In September 2017, we were searching for Migration Agents who can advise us how to live and work in Australia as Nurses. We found DUC’s website on google and had a good look. The feedbacks from their clients were very impressive and positive. They had an upcoming seminar the following week, so I gave them a call to register and I was able to speak to Wes Zandt. The registration was already closed but Wes reopened it for us so we could register and join the seminar on how to migrate to Australia. The Australia seminar was really informative and we had the opportunity to meet Wes, Jenny, DUC team and partners. After the seminar, we decided to become clients of the DUC.

What was the first part of the process you attempted?

Prior to meeting with Jenny and team, we had no clue about the steps on how we can apply as Nurses to Australia. She helped us calculate our points and determine our Australia visa options. Then, she advised us to take an English Test as the first step before applying for our Nursing registration Australia. DUC sent us a detailed checklist of the requirements that we had to prepare in advance such as nursing credentials and degree, employment certificates, bank statements and payslips, etc.

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Where have you settled in Australia and why did you pick that state?

In 2019, we flew to Melbourne to attend in person to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to show our proof of identity. We visited Sydney and Adelaide but we liked the vibe in Melbourne better.
Right now, we are living in the inner seaside suburb in Melbourne, 6 km to CBD, and a stone’s throw away to local shops and parks.
Jenny expertly advised us on which state would likely invite us quickly based on our occupation. With her professional guidance, we submitted our EOI to the Victorian Government and just after 3 days we received an invitation to apply for a Skilled 190 Permanent Resident Visa Australia!

How is it working in Australia as a Nurse?

We arrived here in June 2020, yes, in the middle of the pandemic! One of the great things about the DUC is that they hold your hand from day 1 and walk with you until you reach Australia. They updated us on if we could enter the country with all the border’s restrictions. After completing the hotel quarantine and getting settled in our place, we applied for nursing jobs in July and started working in August. Some of our friends have told us that we’d be lucky to find a casual job, but 2 hospitals had offered us full-time and permanent roles as Nurses. 4 months later, I got offered a higher role in the department.

The nurses that we work with here in Australia have really good work ethic and are very supportive. We have a few colleagues who used to live and work in the UK and they have one thing to say in common; they love the lifestyle, quality of life in OZ and moving here is the best decision they have made!

In terms of work condition, we believe that it’s a lot better here. Nurses are better off in Australia in regards to average salary, patient ratio and professional development. I remember, we used to work at least 5 days a week in London and always wanted to work on weekends and bank holidays for extra pay. In contrast, work and life balance here in Australia is really good. We only work 4 days a week and spend outdoors relaxing and exploring Victoria on weekends.

What is the best thing about living in Australia compared to the UK?

Australia lifestyle is a winner! Aussies are laidback and more relaxed. Now we know why Melbourne was crowned the world’s most liveable city for seven years! In general, people here tend to be happier and the weather is certainly a factor. We arrived here in June, which is winter, here in Australia. It can really get cold here but it’s not dark and depressing. We also get to spend more time with each other now than we used to in London. Another thing that we love about Melbourne is that it is the food capital of Australia the city’s food options are limitless! Lastly, we earn much better here and already saved up enough deposit to buy our first house! Exciting!

What made you want to move to Australia?

Personally, it has been my dream to emigrate to Australia even before I went to the UK to join my husband. But after living in the UK for years and after all the travels that we had, I knew that the Australian dream was still in my heart. Australia pride itself of the weather, outdoor lifestyle, nature, wildlife, stunning beaches, better quality of life and a BIG plus for us is that it’s closer to the Philippines (where we are originally from). Certainly, we can see ourselves raising a family in this lucky country.

What do you miss about the UK?

Although we’re loving every bit of our new life now here in Australia, we never regretted having the opportunity to live in the UK. We met really good friends that became family. We miss them so bad, we wish we could bring them here with us! Also, we would definitely miss having a quick holiday in Europe when we have few days off work. We are beyond grateful to be given a rare opportunity to experience the best of both worlds!

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What tips do you have for our clients moving to Australia?

When we started to visualise our goals to move to Australia, we committed to give our 100% in it. We persevered to search for the right people with expertise in the field to help us take the right path without breaking the bank. And that’s when we found DUC. We knew that we could trust them fully when we met the team. DUC is truly a one stop centre, from calculating your points, skills assessment, job opportunities, removal companies, banking and foreign exchange, they have everything you need! Plus, the DUC team to answer all your questions anytime and you’ll be surprised to receive a response to your late-night queries!
To live and work in Australia as a Nurse, here are some tips for you: Stay organised with your documents. Don’t procrastinate too! Immigration rules do change a lot. In every journey, there’s always something unexpected or uncertain and if you don’t have the right people to support you, you may panic! For this reason, we can’t thank DUC enough for their amazing guidance and dedication to help us! To end, we will leave you this quote, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” – T.S. Eliot.

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